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Here is the letter I emailed them:

I have been a Bank of America customer now for over 3 years. So far I am very dissatisfied with your service. Most of your tactics are deceiving and seem to trap consumers.

Here is my #1 problem with this bank. I got a student credit card with you and used it irresponsibly and quickly went over the limit. At first I was paying on time then after a few months I stopped paying. About six months later bank of America put me on a 5 year payment plan to pay off the balance of my debt of $46 dollars a month to be paid on the 21st of each month. I went about 3 months with no problems then all of a sudden you stopped automatically withdrawing the payment out of my account. i called up and you advised me that I needed to reschedule my payment plan and that’s why you didn't debit the $46 out of my account that month.

I got a letter in the mail about 2 weeks prior saying that i need to reschedule the payments. I called the number and they said to never mind the letter that it wasn't necessary (which apparently wasn't true). So two weeks later when the payment wasn't made I got hit with late charges and fees. This did not seem fair I did everything I should have and I had to pay for a bank employee's mistake.

So after I once again rescheduled the payments 3 months later the same thing happened (this time with no warning letter) I got hit with late charges and needed to reschedule. Fed up and untrustworthy of this company I decided to call up and request a full statement outlining what my charges are and how they came up with my balance. They said they would send that in about may I would say. I still haven't received this or any other communication with bank of America.

Now on September 30th 2008 my checking account gets mysteriously debited $46 after not speaking with them for almost 5 months. I called and got the run around and gave up. Now on October 21st 2008 i get another charge for $46 so I called again today. I spoke to bank of America about the situation and they transferred me to a representative of FIA card services. She advised me that the reason these two debits came out of my account were because I called in and authorized them to do this on Sept. 30th 2008. I am 100% positive this never happened. i ask them to let me listen to a copy of the recording of me authorizing this and she said she will transfer me to the manager who can help me out with this. I was transferred and I got a voicemail, so i left a message explaining my situation. It is now two days later I have not received any response back from this manager or anyone. These practices are very wrong in my opinion and hopefully Illegal.

On a side note I asked them not to make any more debits from my account to pay this bill. They agreed and I asked them to send me written documentation verifying this and I was old this was impossible (she said they can’t send a letter verifying something that is not taking place) this makes no sense to me why can’t they send a letter saying 'no more electronic transactions will be debited from my account' So after I was told this I was asked for permission to record her saying that this will not occur, once again I was turned down. She also couldn't give me a straight answer of why the $46 was taken out of my account on different dates for the September and October payments.

My question is What are you going to do about this? I incurred a $35.00 overdraft free from this unauthorized transaction. Bank of America should not be allowed to steal money from their customers accounts and then give them the run around when the start asking questions. I’m so fed up at this point that I am going to send this problem to every organization that will listen. I have extensive experience in internet marketing and how to spread something across the internet. I’m not sure if you are aware but there are literally thousands of consumers’ complaints about your company all over the web. In addition many of these people are starting to inquiry about class action lawsuits against you as most of their situations are all eerily similar. After reading all of this I have no doubt in my mind that this is no coincidence and Bank Of America is intentionally trying to scam their customers out of money through any means possible ( questionable practices, downright fraud, and resorting to low measures to make a quick buck). Fortunately I work at a law firm that specializes in credit and consumer laws. I have no problem proceeding with legal remedies this has gone on too long and it’s time to take some action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Sorry to hear boa screwed you also I'm glad that you are honest and admit that you made a mistake and tried to take care of it alot of people put half stories instead of what really happened its nice to see someone step up admit yes i messed up and while trying to fix it was screwed. I thank god haven't been screwed over by boa but my family members have I mainly use usbank and just have boa as a second checking account.