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Basically what happened is that last month I called to make a payment with my Chase bank account but had no checks so gave them my full account # which had 6 zeros in front since they said they needed FULL account#. Never came out of Chase account and came back as account not located with BofA.

I called back and they didn't know what was wrong so I said well, I opened account in CA but now live in CO where I bank, do you think you might need CO routing #? They said, yes let's try that. 3 days go by, payment returned not locating account. Called Chase and they said do NOT use 6 zeros, give them other numbers though.

Called BofA, and tried that..payment took. Called this month to make payment and they have closed my account (without advising me of their decision to do so) for previous 2 returned payments. They admitted it was account # keying error on part of their reps, transferred me to credit dept. Credit dept runs my credit and says due to my student loans in default (one paid off weeks ago & not updated on credit yet and the other deferred for a year) they won't re-open the account.

They stated I have EXCELLENT payment history with them for over 5 years and they admit the closing was THEIR error (and last payment I made was reflecting in credit line) but can't reopen my line of credit. What makes it worse is that over that week or so I was calling them proactively trying to figure out what was wrong so I could pay THEM. This is how they treat me.

It's just wrong. I'm not sure where to complain to.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #705594
Yep, Bank of America is shafty for sure. They just got me.

They were refinancing my mortgage loan, they messed up the papers so had to reschedule the close, then told me I was past the 120 day credit report period and since my score had dropped could not help me. In the mean time they told me not to pay my payment since we were closing, so now I have a late payment on my record. Now I will have to wait for my credit to go back up along with the interest rates. I would have saved almost half the rate I had been paying them for the last 15 years.

They are an unethical company.

They should be ashamed for ripping people off. :cry

The one thing we are all learning about B of A is that they make mistakes that will benefit them and hurt the consumer. Surprised they are still in business.

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