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here is a bank that has recieved millon's off dollars from the govt, but yet still prey's on lower class americans for check and debit charges, they will charge $35 for a .05 overdraft they will not post credits before charges and tell you close of business is at 2pm so when you check your account you think your good but wait any transction you make after 2pm shows up on that day. so when is close business?

I belive we should call our congresman,senator's.

state rep, and ask for a investigton into the way they do business.they are simply a computerized maffia. if you feel this way please e-mail me at

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I had two charges on july 14th , one for $1.50 and the other for three bucks, well on the 16th a charge went thru for 50 bucks so they pushed my two little charges up so there for I had to pay 2 overdraft charges , even though the two little charges where before the 50 dollar one.Bank of american said it doesn't matter since it's all in pending status they can pretty much do that! so now I am overdraft again because the overdraft charges put me out again, I know have to pay two more overdraft fees!!!!

That is where they get all lower and middle class consumers that live pay check to paycheck. oh and if you want a check book they charge you, they would like everything done online, that is how they get you!


June 6, 2009

Loan #: 002235702

518 S. Indiana St

Porterville, CA 93257

Social Security benefits are not considered income? What!?

My name is Patricia Butler. Recently, I have been trying to help my disabled husband get a loan modification that our government speaks so highly of. The lender on his mortgage was Countrywide, who as we all know was just taken over by Bank of America.

I have talked to Bank of America six times to get his loan modification done. The first five times, I was lied to, asked how much loose cash I had and just pretty much given a runaround. I figure that they just wanted to let my husband’s home be sold to add to their coffers. Not once during the first five phone calls to them did they even attempt to help me. Four of the five times, I was told they would send me paperwork to fill out, I tried to explain to them that the home was being placed for sale by HUD, so I was on a timeline to get this worked out. Today, 10 - 15 days later, I have still received no paperwork.

I decided to give a phone call to Bank of America one more try. This time I got hold of a woman named Mary, who actually seemed to care. I explained that my husband is very ill with end stage renal disease and total kidney failure as well as several other things. I also explained that the sale of his home and forced move would likely kill him. Once more I gave Bank of America the information they need to modify the loan on my husband’s home. After taking the information, Mary told me that there is a problem because Bank of America does not consider Social Security as income. Say What!!!!!!?????

My husband has worked his entire life and paid into the system. He has drawn Social Security about 7 years. This is the first that we have been told that it is not considered income. So why does he pay federal income tax on it? Needless to say, I am appalled at this holier than thou attitude that Bank of America has regarding our retired and disabled citizens.

How many more class action suits are going to be brought against Bank of America for their shady practices? It seems that a discrimination lawsuit should be next. This is the same Bank that received how much in bailout money? Oh yeah, it was 15 billion dollars according to USA today. And then, according the CNN Money, another 20 billion in cash and 118 billion in assets to take over Merrill Lynch.

What is wrong with this picture? How much longer will the government allow Bank of America to do this to its citizens? Where are you, Mr. Obama? Where are you Mr. Schwarzenegger? Where are you Mr. Geithner? Where are you Mr. Donovan? Don’t you think it is time to look into Bank of America and put a stop to their disrespect of American taxpayers? Bank of America doesn’t give a *** about anything but the money. I will fight to the end to keep my husband in his home. I demand your help and I demand it now!!


Patricia Butler


Bank of america is a scam always triying to overdraft someone they are i fraud trying to to steal america money, they think your money is your their money, we the people should make a stand against this one world government beast, monstrous cults, we the people together we stand divided we fall.