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On 9/25 I signed refinance paperwork with BofA who held my mortgage. It took them until 09/30 to show the loan as paid off.

On 10/02 BofA withdrew my mortgage to pay on a PAID OFF loan. I called that day and was shuffled around to 4 different people b/c btw u cannot get 1 person to speak to u there b/c they say that's another department and we r not all connected.

SO I finally get to the auto pay department and get this 'supervisor' Jessica on the phone who says to me u'll get ur $$ back in 7-10 days there's nothing we can do other then that!! 7-10 days WTF the loan is paid off BofA was not authorized to deduct those funds 48 hours after it was PAID. She replied it was MY responsibility to call BofA and tell them NOT TO WITHDRAW the money Ummmm hello the loan WAS PAID IN FULL why would I possibly have to tell u not to deduct the money? She refused to say anything further except kept repeating in 7-10 days u will have ur money back just as if she was reading from her supervisors manual.

I waited until 10/07 to call back to check on the progress of the return of my money. This time I get an Angela on the phone who says well I see we did return ur money on 10/02 @ 4:34 in the afternoon. Returned it? returned it where, how? she states to me oh we did a reversal to put it back in ur account. No u did not, I check my account on a daily basis and I can assure u there is no return reversal of my money to my account. She proceeds to ask my permission to have a 3 way call with my bank to assure me the money is in my account. We have the call and my bank confirms there is NO reversal of any funds to my account.

This completely has her confused, she does not understand how it is that my bank does not show the reversal. My bank finally gives her an out by saying well it could take 3-5 business days to post. Since the 7th was only the 3rd business day I'd have to wait until the end of business on the 9th to see if it was there.

Of course it was not there. Since the 12th was a holiday, I called BofA on the 13th. I got a Maria, who stated to me I don't know why u were told a reversal was done we wouldn't do that we would cut u a check and send it to u. Sooooo is a check been cut? Well surprise she can't tell if one has been cut. She assured me she'd send an email to the person in that department and ask for it to be expedited to me via Fed Ex.

Stated the person she is emailing has 24 hours to respond to her email, and that she would call me back as soon as she received a response. RIGHT

On the 15th I called BofA back. Tony Layne tells me yes I can see in ur account that Maria was checking into it, I'll send her a message to get in touch with u or respond to me and I'll call u back. RIGHT

On the 16th I called BofA back. Bertha tells me I'm sorry u have been told u'd get ur money back in 7-10 days and that we did a reversal back to ur account. Those are not our policies. Our policies are changing ON A WEEKLY BASIS. the policy is in 14 business day's we will issue u a check and then U MUST ALLOW 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS for it to get to u.


If I do the math as Bertha has indicated, they MAY cut me a check on the 22nd. And if I then allow the 3-5 business days for it to get to me I may get my money on the 29th. And that is only IF they mail the check to me on the same day they write the check.

I asked about FED EX and was told we do not overnight anything, it will go Fed EX ground. Again I ask BANK OF AMERICA ARE U F*N KIDDING ME


No one at BofA denies the money was taken and that I am due the money back they just don't know how to give it back. I highly DOUBT their policies change on a weekly basis. BUT I do believe there is not an employee in the company that knows their job, or how to execute it properly.

I want my money back. I have filed complaints with the proper agencies that monitor the banking industry, but least I forget these are the same companies that allow the banking industry to get a bail out from all the tax payers and then give millions of bonus' to their employees.


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I made the mistake of opening a simple direct deposit checking account with Bank of America in the beginning of August.

Since then...I was mailed someone else's checks followed by incorrect replacement checks..told I would be credited for both errors.

two check printing fees then followed, of course.

I finally went into the bank to speak to a supervisor. I was told the credits I was promised was never recorded, but it would be handled for sure this time. I then re-ordered the right checks "Free of Charge"..A third deduction for check printing followed the next week.

Again, I went into the bank...A credit for all these checks was issued, right? Nope. Another deduction followed the next week!

I had checks clear for amounts different than written...It never ends!!

I have since closed my account with Bank of America..and it is only October! WOW!!!!