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In Oct.of 2008,I wrote a letter to Bank of America and told them of the hardship we were going through,I had just went from full time to part-time.I asked for help,what to do?I then had problems just like I stated to them in Jan.of 2009 making my payment.Everytime I contacted them they said we DID not qualify for a program at this time,call back next month.So I called back every month,till we finally had to file bankruptcy and after living in our house 14 years we lost it,Thanks for nothing................

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I hear that comment alot... "will pay for everything they have done" That is absolute rubbish.

Evil prevails in this lifetime.

Pure evil. and one of its faces is Bank Of America.


I feel your pain. Bank of America is pure EVIL and they will pay for everything they have done.

They will go under starting with their low-life CEO and ending with most of their heartless and incompetant representatives.

I am going through pure *** with them as we speak and they do not care if I have children (one is disabled) or that we have nowhere to go. What goes around comes around, you'll see!

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