After 3 years of trying we sold a property we had financed through them on 12/23/09. It's been 3 months and we are receiving harassing mail and daily calls because we have not made a payment!

THEN we received a letter stating as of 02/22/10 they were taking out $1600 in insurance on our behalf because we had let it lapse and we would be responsible to pay it back.

They took out insurance on a property THEY don't even own anymore!Spent 40 minutes on the phone, got transfered four times and finally disconnected!? I have CONFIRMED closing paperwork!!

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You don't have to see a lawyer, just sue them in small claims court. That's what it's there for.

You can do it yourself; the small claims court judges are not as much interested in procedure as they are in the case and you have bullet-proof paperwork.

Ask for whatever you want in your complaint, the judge will grant you what's right and deny what's not. There are many sites that you can visit that'll give you all the information for your state.

Don't just cry.
1. Go to your escrow agent and ask for confirming payoff to Countrywide.
2. Make copies of all documentation and send registered to Countrywide to a specific person.
3. If all else fails see a lawyer.

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