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Someone stole our info from our debit card and used it to purchase 300+dollars from Nike 0nline.Nike refunded this money to our account although not being responsible for the fraud.while being contested by us through the bank the bank covered our loss as they should .ovver a month later after we thought all was done we get an email stating we are overdrawn 400+ dollars.we called the bank and they said they took back the amount that they payed to the account since Nike had refunded the money to us.on top of the money refunded was a 70 dollar overdraw charge.this was all done without any notification to us.Being on SSI we live on a limited we have to pay the Bank of Thieves back money that they were responsible for in the first place. To all you people out there who bank with these Thieves do as we are doing closing our account and banking with a credit union.This is how these banks have millionaire executives by stealing from the people who bank with them .im also posting this on all my social media sites. Facebook,Instagram,twitter and also posting on Nike's web site for every person to read .also filing a complaint with the BBB.if you as a customer please share this to your social media sites also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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-Firstly, suggest never using debit cards. Once the money is out of your control, there is little incentive by banks etc to help.

Its your money not theirs that’s lost and you have little leverage or empathy. Bank of thieves? You bet: - Just for 2018: In Jun 2018, Bank of America is accused of aiding a $102M Ponzi scheme. In Mar 2018, Bank of America agrees to pay a record $42 million penalty for “systematically” misleading clients about stock trades.

- Based on Forbes 2018 Banking Survey Bank of America ranked 10th as WORST bank with 8,069 complaints. Complaints include making loan payments, closing on mortgages, and problems with customers disputing fraudulent credit card payments-- Bank of America’s complaints are related to just downright terrible service. - According to Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Bank of America leads all banks in fines since the banking crisis (2007) with $76 billion ($242 billion total of all banks). - Bank of America remains next to last in the banking industry ranking based on the Reputation Institute where the banking industry in general had the worst reputation among 11 industries.

- Per Consumer Affairs 440 ratings this year, Bank of America received an average 1.5 out of 5 rating. - Bank of America has had more complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau than any other American financial institution, according to a July report from Mother Jones magazine. - Consumers have lodged 20,512 complaints against BOA to the CFPB since Dec 2011, one of the worst track records of any bank, nearly 25% of ALL complaints even more than Wells Fargo. - Bank of America has for the past four years (2013) finished in the top three of Consumerist’s annual reader polls to nominate as the worst companies in America.

- Bank of American CEO Moynihan received a total compensation of $21.8 million in 2017, which included stock awards and health insurance benefits. That compared with $87,115 for the median BOA employee.

- As long as they are making profits, they could care less about your personal issues. Why are you are still with them?

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