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Regarding your system for overdrafts. In this economy it is unbelievable to me that the bank would charge their customers overdraft fees when not necessary.

When you have available money and your debit card has been used how one earth does the bank justify allowing the purchases but if a check comes in that night AFTER purchases have been made, and if there is not enough to cover the check, the bank takes the money already spent, puts it towards the check instead of leaving it as is as either sending the check back or paying it and charging only ONE overdraft. How on earth is this even possible for them to get over like this?

April Williams 313 673 7491

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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DO NOT EVERY OPEN A CHECKING ACCOUNT WIH BANK OF AMERICA!!! This bank is not custonmer friendly they re arrange transactions so that they can bill you more overdraft fees and it doesnt even matter how much the transaction was for even if its for $3 they will charge you $35 for overdraft this bank is ridiculous.

Dont even try calling the customer service for checking accounts is horrible they dont show any empathy and they just simply dont offer help they dont let the customers talk and when I tried figuring out why my account was being billed so many fees they would simply say you are responsible for balancing your own account.

They show different info on online banking than what the reps have in thier system so when you call they always say the same thing your responsible for checking your balance and making sure you dont overdraw but the only way to do that is by calling or checking online but when you check online they dont honor the info that is presented there. All of thier business practices are just to take more money from the customers they are estimated to mak about 38billion in overdraft fees this year this is a huge sign they are not doing things right they are doing it to make money they rearrange transactions only when you are about to overdraw how convenient.

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