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Called BofA to give an address change. A person slurring and speaking poor english asked for all my banking info etc. I asked where are you located she said "The Philipines!!!What??? Scared spitless I said can I talk to someone in the USA??? Didn't happen! Called back got another foreign accent; I asked where are you located, he said "Costa Rica" I hung up. Third try I got someone in the USA; you getting the picture? At least if we were ripped off by someone in a banking institute here we could report them. Good luck doing that from overseas. Now they no longer make our goods; they manage our banking info? Yikes! See where the 1% have sent our jobs???? Banking Institutions have all our info, this is truly scary.

Called Kohls same thing; foreign accent again; I asked where are you located? Answer? South America!!! Come on citizens it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that these are some of the largest scamming areas in the world!! Next I'll be chatting up someone in Nigeria; scammers over there need cash too??? OMG people do you really think we should be giving banking info to these cash strapped nations??? Obviously Bank of America and Kohl's does! Where are our young students going to find employment? Ask the idiots at Kohl's and BofA whom made these decisions. They will laugh in your face. It is about feed the greed and nothing more!!!! I'll guarantee none of the one percenters would give out personal info such as I was asked to give? They have my name/address/phone number and just for verification need my DRIVERS LICENSE number? It must be a Scammer's paradise getting jobs for these companies; no jobs for our kids to begin their careers though! Guess we can send our kids to these places to work? Yeah Right!

Grow a spine American's stop this idiocy and look out for our families for God's sake and our young people!!! INSANITY PREVAILS it is time to pull our heads out of the sand. :(

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One could certainly debate the practice of companies outsourcing their call centers overseas, but what I truly find offensive is your assumption that everyone working in foreign countries are dishonest and out to scam you and steal your info. Racist much?