Bank of America;s fraud department claimed they protect their customers credit cards and can get back the dollers taken for my virgin cell phone account ,(i also tried to talk to Virgins, Raul in manilla , who never returned my call or e mails ) , somebody double dipped my monthly cell phone charges for 10+- months , and all Bank of America got back was 2 months , ''WE can ONLY GO BACK 2 MONTHS'' the other 8 +- months was / is just as obvious a fraud and could have been recoverd , also a seperate claim for overcharging for minutes used was ignored

show me the money !! please

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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there is the federal regulation called Regulation E. it allows bank of america or any financial institution to recover only 60 days worth of transaction.

having a bank account is a two way relationship. it is still your responsibility to review your paper/online statement and promptly report to the bank any unauthorized charges. if you had reported this fraud months ago when it first started, additional fraud could have been avoided. whatever bank you are with is held by this rule.

its a federal regulation. its there to also protect merchants and banks from absolute loss.

i am not saying you should be aware of this regulation as i am sure even lawyers don't know every rule. the bottom line is, why did you not look at your account for the last 10+ months?


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