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Update by user Feb 08, 2012

I served them with real estate paper to prove justification for 2000.00 bill . They notified me they were requesting explanation from bank of america.

60 ,days went by and they said they had no proof for this bill and if they got one they would let me know. They still have not removed this charge from out of no where after having modification for over 2 1/2 yrs. When they changed servicer to seterus this bill came with their 1st bill.

We had over 11,000.00 attached to the loan and 10 yrs longer in payments. They cannot prove this cost which at one time said was attorney fees.Seterus is not in bankruptcy for servicing loan.They are taking payments for loans illegally.But I guess they can do as they please

Original review posted by user Feb 09, 2010

They did mine. They extended the loan for 40 years .

the payment was supposed to stay 1014. for 5 yrs. In 4 months it went to 1054.00, then 5Th month, 1126. They act like they aren't making any money.

They are scam artists. I just would like to know what government agency to complain too. And I would like anyone that doesn't have to deal with them , don't. I don't

care if they were the last bank on earth.

Hopefully this stops someone from trying to do any honest business with them. They are taking advantage of people trying to do the right thing and walk away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Im in the same boat has fixed rate then adjustable file to have modification after losing(even though I had fax confirmation) my paper work I had to resend everything in September. January get default notice they tell me no worries it takes a while they tell.Then Feb find out house for sale April 12th From 1041.00 a month it changed to 2250.00 I guess I should file bankruptcy in order to continue the struggle huh?

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