If you have account with this bank and not set your accout for "Not to allow any negative balances" on your account Please ask them to do so. Even if you have balance in Saving and not in checking and if you use Debit card every tranaction even for penny may cost you $ 20 to $35.

Bank sucked 115 $ from my account and with gr8 favour gave $35 for 4 transactions in 3-4 day when I was having balance in saving for initial 3 transactions. Customer support show small letter booklet now and say you need to read this and show simpathy for what bank is doing for us. I am told they have atleast 1 customer everu day who come with this issue.

Is there any way to get this money back?

Can we go to consumer forum?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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Milltown, Wisconsin, United States #11712

This is why bank's give you free check registers. It's your account, and your money.

If you can't keep track of it even with all the help you're already given that's your own fault.

Banks can't hold your hand and manage your money for you. If you overspend and the bank pays for it, suck it up and learn to add.

Prosser, Washington, United States #11084

to answer your question....No, you're a just another customer that can not manage their money. Close your account and buy a piggy bank.

you can't set your account to not have any negative balances. if you don't have enough money to cover a transaction when your account goes through processing, you're gonna be charged a fee.

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