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I started using Bank Of America as a credit card in 2017. I have crediy cards with Discover, citi, chase abd capital one along with a target card so this isn't my first day in the circus.

Setting up a paymeny account was difficult and confusing. The site is not user friendly. Setting up autopay was nearly impossible to figure out. I had to google it.

Okay fine. So i used them for 7 months with their zerp percent financing before i paid it off. I put down the full balance at the begining of April. Then at the end of April it took out ny auto pay for 35 even thiugh i obly had a balance of 20 left from some resent purchases.

Giving me a credit of 10. I didnt like this one bit. I dont have 10 bucks to sit around so I used the card and i play thia game till now. I had zero balance because last month i had an $11 check sent to me.

So it takea out $35 out this morning. Wtf. I read others have the same issue. My other cards say it wont take out the auto pay if there is none to pay on or if you already made a payment typically like 3 days before hand.

So i try to login into my account to see this. I have a long password. And it won't let me type the whole secured thing. So likely they changed their attributes and I would have to get it reset.

Great. So I call up, it aays 35 was withdrawn today abd I have a 35 dollar credit. I get then ti sebd me abd checj and I have to cancel this. Speak to a gal, she asks why I an cancelling, I explain and she wants to explain their auto pay system.

A. I am not going to remove the autopay. It shouldn't take out if no money in account. If I decide ti put a payment through early on any of my cards, they recognize this *** I have cards with no balance and it will auto pay the minimum if there is a charge.

This company needs to make it easier to use and not taje money when none due. That is stealing.

That is money I can't use to pay off other cards. Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Wow....take an English class


Why so many credit cards ? Advice : never use "auto pay" ...


this bank is no different from the rest. And absolutely DO NOT keep your assets and your obligations at the same institution.

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