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Long story short went to mediation, they don't know the difference from a credit card to a line of credit, who gives out credit cards with a 45,000.00 line use BOA offered me a settlement noted on the check it was endorsed by FIA, so I was scammed, Bad part ir I never received a written contract to sign, statements, and 2 years later after I thought the account was settled they sueing me now? Sounds like I got scammed!

I was harassed by this company 22 calls in one day, threats, and go to mediation and find out the mediator Reps BOA FARE! Ouch! Beware! They even called my son at work regarding my banking business, which if they would read contracts Privacy is a big issue!

Any suggestions? Can you believe that you get charged for a post figures!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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Florissant, Missouri, United States #865780

I'll hades the same issue. JCoulds ome lawer call me and this gy about some kid of class acshun leagel law suite.

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