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I had in 2010 been contacted by Bank of America, offering me a Line of Credit, for 45,000.00 to pay off my debits and have one payment, and was also charged a 3,000.00 fee which after talking to several Bank employees that they don't charge a fee when asked to have this looked in to was passed off to several Departments with no resolution the one and only document I received shows the 45,000.00 and then the total of 48,000.00. No interest, payment amount shown, also a Privacy paragraph which had stated my Banking would be kept confidential, so Then WHY was my SON called at his work regarding my Banking issues, also would receive calls starting at 7am till 9pm, one day I received 22 calls, that to me is Harassment!

I never ever received a statement from the Bank reguarding this account, I was making 880.00 a month payments, my understanding with a Line of a Credit as long as the interest is payed that account is in good standing, in August of 2010 I received a call from the BAnk of America offering me a settlement on the account I payed what was asked not noticing at the time it was endorsed by FIA, and the bank stamped by both the Bank and FIA, I was lied to! And they are suing me for this as Breach of Contract, HOW can that be legal when I did what was requested, I had not heard anything from the Bank but continued to be Harassed by FIA, which I thought was Bogus as I payed the settlement offered. So I did nothing as I at that time did not know the 2 were connected, what a scam, I went to mediation as I was required to do later finding out that the Mediator was associated with Bank of America, and the Lawyer for FIA when arrived had been sitting in the room together, which I sure they had discussed the situation, (conflict of interest) I had brought my Son with me for support, they were not going to let him in if he was going to be a witness? WHY?

Because all of my dealing with hot he Bank were by phone and never received any paper documents except the initial one which clearly states LINE of CREDIT, not a CREDIT CARD like they kept referring to, so because I had no paper statements except the ones from FIA, which I find odd after 2 years they do this I thought when I payed out the settlement offered by BANK of AMERICA I was done with this mess! FIA lied in mediation stating that they bought the account in 2012 which I why was the check endorsed by them in in 2010, and why did I get a letter from them in 2011 stating they had the account and then another stating they bought it in 2012, the mediator, harassed, yelled and scolded me, my lawyer could not make the appointment so we were going to do it by using my phone on speaker when the phone rang I was sternly told by the mediator even when I told her it was my Lawyer to hang up and shut my phone off! She then continued to referred to my situation again a CREDIT CARD which I kept telling her that it was a LINE of CREDIT not a CREDIT CARD!!!! she continued to scold me regarding my responsibilities even though I told her that I had contacted the bank several times, and why I wasn't getting statement which their only proof was 7 statements, which when I called the Bank stayed they had no record of my account and could not give me any info, are you kidding me a account that you're involved with suing and you have know info!

REALLY! So when I asked her why she only had 7 where were the rest she got even more defensive, well if you could only get seven I asked where the rest were! She couldn't answer which made her even more upset and I got the well why don't you have any I again explained that I had requested them and a complete statement of the account and was told by the Bank they had no information on the account and could not give me anything, so what are you suppose to do, then she asked about the settlement agreement again, I had no paper documents, it was done by phone which I said to her all calls are recorded so why can't it be obtained, so that was not a option according to her, She settled the case by giving to FIA despite my asking how can I be sued for something that I did as asked and never heard from the Bank again, but was continuously harassed by FIA. Again I kept saying that I did not have a CREDIT CARD so how was this legit a Line of Credit is by no means the same as a Credit Card, this whole situation was BOGUS, and she actually granted in favor of of FIA!

I have been separated since 2008 my Ex Husband had nothing to do with this but they put him down on the court papers as Jane or John Doe, OH MY GOD, I'm surprised my son wasn't put on the papers as they harassed him continuous I should turn around and sue the Bank for invasion of Privacy as they have a whole paragraph on the original contract how my financial information! The mediator didn't care how I was manipulated by theses two Financial Institutions is I would think illegal, for lying, misrepresentation, and I would say purging themselves, another issue I have is the Banks tell you to do your Banking on Line but yet if you do you have no paper Documents that I supposedly needed, I suggested pulling it up on Line she would not give me that option, anything I tried to do to defend myself was not an option, she then proceed to scold me that the mail that you get from theses bogus companies offering you a credit to pay off a debit should be answered, are you kidding me!

I'm still upset that she would not allow me to speak to my Lawyer, which tells me that that Mediation was a waste of my time as they had decided the case no matter what I had to say, the biggest one is that I didn't have a paper document of the settlement even though I had the persons name and number that I spoke with at the Bank if al calls are recorded that would have settled it then, but she refused me that chance also, I had every name and number of who I spoke with, and the mess the Bank has done with my mortgage I asked for a paper statement of a years payments I took it to a accountant he was shocked he said it was such a mess it would take weeks to figure it out, I had over payed 5,000.00 in one year I asked the bank where it went they couldn't explain but yet I kept getting letters I was delinquent and kept threatening me with foreclosure, also my checking account I was being charged a overdraft fee and then charged overdraft fees on the overdraft fee, to an amount of 780.00 I went to the bank as there was money in the account, they would not do anything, and basically walked way left me standing there with no resolution, PEOPLE BEWARE of these two Institutions they are connected and are not there to help you but to mess you up so bad that you can't figure out what they've done, if ANYONE can offer suggestions on what to do to get these Companies and make them responsible for all the money they've taken, and the time and money I have lost Please HELP! Cindy K

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want this law suit dropped as you are suing me for a Credit Card which I did not have, I did not breach any contract, I could sue you for breach of contract,privacy, misappropriation of funds. .

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Florissant, Missouri, United States #865814

Here is some help:

Pay your bills on time.

Don't apply for lines of credit that you can't pay back.

Pay your bills on time.

Oh, in case you missed it, pay your bills on time.

Don't expect creditors to ignore it when you don't pay your bills on time. Understand the payment terms of your loan.

Pay your bills on time. Don't apply for lines of credit that you can't pay back in a timely fashion.

Pay the amount the bank bills your for, not what you think you ought to pay. Read your statements, note the due date, and pay your bills on time.

to Mr Helpful #879254

Mr helpful, I did pay my bills on time in fact I paid more than I should have had to pay, the bank notified me and offered a settlement which I paid and at the same time had been lied to it wasn't the bank it was FIA they endorsed the check, not the bank, and how is it that I am sued for breach of contract when I followed every instruction that they had asked of me, and why is it 2 years later I hear that I'm being sued for something I did not do I attended to the request as instructed, and when I was being sued the original lawyers that had the case did not respond for the longest time, being a responsible *** I called them, and was told they no longer took these cases, and I pursued it and I was the one Being SUED how ***, then out of the blue another Lawyer pops up and took the case, BUT she not only was the one suing me she did the arbitration, and as the mediator gees! conflict ofinterest!

And when my lawyer called during the mediation as he could not make it so we could do a 3 way conference call, I was told by the mediator to hang up and shut my phone off so how fair was that so of course they awarded themselves the case, but the court threw it out! They tried fighting it by saying that it was a hardship for them, and blamed the court that papers weren't filed properly by the court excuses, now if this was you and you did everything you were told to do and had paid would you accept this situation, *** I don't think so, so if all you can say is pay your Bills then you are aren't as smart or know much, one day you will be in this boat I hope because Mr Helpful your answer is one that is not of a very intelligent man, I would like to handle your money and see who wins Obviously paying my bills wasn't what the issue was, so don't give advice on something you know nothing about so keep your advice to yourself as that was not the problem I was being sued for something I didn't do according to my contract!

And being harassed 2 years constantly for what I had thought was settled and to have your Banking info revealed to family who also was harassed is a Breach of Confidentiality according to the contract, is not appropriate. I'm sure you wouldnt like me to know your Banking or have family members harassed about something they knew nothing about is not professional, SO keep you comments to your self, unless you know what the situation entails!

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