They offer a one time online number that will never be used again., Recently after some very informative shoppers complaints, I called to be sure that my issued one time safe shop number could be used only once. This is NOT the case.

The company you deal with can use this number as often as THEY like. I canceled my credit card number and had to have one reissued. Not only did this I had to rearrange every payment taken from my card.

It not worth all of the trouble. Please, please, do not use safe shop with this bank.

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I'm sure if you read carefully how it works, you would have realized your assumption is incorrect. it does not say anywhere that the number can only be used once. actually, right on the bank's site, it states: "The ShopSafe credit card fraud protection service allows you to set your Valid Thru date for up to 1 year in the future. The recurring monthly payment feature allows you to securely manage your monthly bills."

That means a number can be used numerous times.

The number is only good for used by 1 merchant only. If you give the number to Amazon, you cannot use it to pay Verizon. The number is only good for the amount you set + possible tax added. say you set $50 only & buy something at amazon for $45. you can still use that card again at amazon for $5 only unless you increase the limit.

It's unfortunate though that the associate you spoke with did not know all of these. They definitely needed to be trained. I know all of this simply because I read the guide & use the service myself.


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