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Update by user Dec 15, 2016

I wrote a consumer bureau and the president of the bank. Both investigated.

The presidents office agreed to resolve the issue with me, thank you. The consumer bureau was nice at first. I told them about the $1.99 writeoffs and they pretty much LIED about them and sure did NOT include them in the formal response. I changed my account setting to pay $1 to offset any adjustments in addition to the other payment (irregardless of the balance)...and changed to have my bonus deposited into checking account so it doesn't impact the bonus and take balance to zero.

Will also make sure I charge over $25 or $30 which I normally do.

I think they have been NOT paying my spouse as well..because his charges sometimes are under $25, like $22. Sheesh!

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2016

Card reward bonus is a SCAM!. Supposed if you charge something to the card and make more than minimum payment you get a bonus.

BUT employees are doing everything they can to not pay. NOT FAIR!. At first they said they denied my payments because I paid too early...and their system needed me to wait. So I set up autopay.

Then they denied my payment because I had my bonus applied and my bill was paid off and the autopay did not pay any more and they said I never met minimum payment. I read other negative reviews where #BankofAmerica employees are denying rewards by nefarious means. They allegedly are going into client accounts and writing off low balance cards quarterly so "no payment is due" and thus "no bonus is earned". (Write off balances of $1.99.

SHAME on BOA. They also will not pay bonus unless you complain..and then they try to skate. I've had to fight with them for bonus and they say it is system determined. NOT TRUE.

I don't trust BOA and I have been a customer since 2004. If you do sign up..Charge at least $26 to card monthly. Set up an automatic ONE DOLLAR flat payment to card (in addition to any ebill generated). That gets around write off scheme or credit or zero balance.

And don't have your bonus applied ot the card, but instead send to BOA checking. MY quarterly bonus was applied EARLY so it wiped out my $24.95 balance so one quarter's bonus wiped out the next quarter's bonus. BOA would not fix it..and said the bonus was not programmed as a payment even though they advertise I can use it to pay down my bill. SLEEZY company.

RUN! I am a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Better Balance Rewards Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bank Of America Pros: Ability to transfer money between member accounts, Ability to transfer funds with other boa customers.

Bank Of America Cons: Customer service not understand product, Customer service never got back to me about issue, Would not give me credit card bonus earned, Customer service, Boa employees circumventing bonuses by manipulation, Failure to listen to clients.

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