I received a call from Bank of America encouraging me to apply for a new BOA card that would automatically give me 22,000 in airline miles(I then had 19,000)in airline miles. I told the BOA representative that I did not want to jeopardize my credit rating or harm my current credit by making an application. I totally reassured that my application was risk free - and that if I was turned down it would in no way affect my current credit rating or ctrdit limit. I was very clear in my communication. I applied and immediately I was turned down, and my credit limit was immediately reduced from $3500

to $1200. My FICO score was said now to be 650. I had been a BOA customer for 10 years and had never missed a payment. I was furious. I contacted my senator and subsequently BOA has sent me long letters explaining their actions - but they lie and say I was seeking a credit line increase, making it sound as if I had contacted them, and they fail to acknowledge their dishonest practice of pressuring me to apply for a card which they repeatedly assured me would not affect my credit.

Furthermore I just purchased a condo and paid $84,000 in CASH for it...and have had $120k to $2k in cash in my account at any given time. Obviously BOA is doing a horrible job in the review and analysis of my credit worthiness. They treat me condescendingly as a child and the main reason I avoid using their card for larger transactions - is that I do not trust the competence and basic ethical foundation of the company. In otherwords, if they act like a ruthless pack of wolves over a small bit of money - they are likely to rob me blind when given the chance to tear into my larger holdings. BOA, you haughtily refer to my apartment, but I have told you over and over again that it is a condominium apraised at $300k with no mortgage since I paid it off with $84k in cash. You should be raising my credit score and raising my line of credit, buy you are obviously too incompetent to do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Durham, North Carolina, United States #1232655

650 is a poor credit score. Instead of bashing the bank, you should take a long hard look at yourself and why your actions have brought you to such a poor credit score.

Durham, North Carolina, United States #1184957

Why the heck would you contact a senator? they have nothing to do with credit decisions. Banks are well within their right to make any credit decision they choose.

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