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I noticed a $10K deduction from my account yesterday. Went to a local branch today.

They didn't know what the deduction was for and gave me a customer service number to call. I called and the rep didn't know what the deduction was for either. She only knew the deduction was requested by their collection department. All she could do was to enter a request to find out an explanation but it would take 5 business days.

Does this make sense? In addition the rep and her boss were pretty rude as if I shouldn't worry about the deduction.

At one point the manager was even suggesting that I owe the bank money. Ridicules!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Manager.

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When I worked at a bank when customers had deductions like this we could SEE what it was BUT WAS NOT ALLOWED TO INFORM THE CUSTOMER. You may have a judgement against you I.e.

child support, loans, or the such. Check your county courthouse and see if anyone filed a suit against you and won. Either way, they know and don't want you to close your account. If you owe anyone and its more than this, your accounts have been placed in judgement and any money put in will go to them until its paid off.

Sorry, the have your ss# and you may not be able to close this account or open a new one in your name...oh, and if you had/have someone else on your account it could be theirs. If you do have this judgement, which it sounds as if that's what it is since they are not giving any info, you will have to provide proof that its either not yours, you've settled the matter with the company or let it go and they get their money and get it over with.

You won't hear from the bank, you should have or should be getting a letter from the lawyer/company you owe money to. They usually take the money first then you get the letter to avoid you closing out the account.

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