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I received a statement for $7,279 approx. and paid it off 2 days before the statement date.

It turns out no matter if you pay in full what they say your statement is, they are going to come back the next month and charge you interest for paying off what they indicate is your full balance. Its not paying interest that is the issue....just be transparent and put the interest there so you can really pay in full your balance. So next month BOA will send me a bill for approx $70.00 for what i paid off when they sent me the statement in interest charges. Thats not transparent and thats not good business.

Its also not trustworthy, easy to do business with and caring about their customers. Its disrespectful to people who pay their bills on time, always more than the limit and pay it off in a couple of months. I have had this card since 1994 and have never paid a second late. If a card says here is your balance and you pay it, the interest up until that time should already be applied, BOA doesn't respect its customers, just look at the hidden agenda they are doing.

My AMX doesn't do this and neither does my BMW VISA.

are you afraid to tell your members the REAL total and when i pay the 70 dollars are you going to charge me interest on top of the interest i paid due to you calculating it daily. You seem dishonest and customers come last.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: your lack of transparency.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Pros: Customer service rep tommy from montana is the best you have.

Bank Of America Cons: Tell me up front the real total including interest.

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when you pay off your statement balance you have been accruing interest from the statement closing date each day on your balance. So if you pay the whole balance off near your payment due date you will have approximately 20 plus days of interest that will appear on your next statement because the interest cannot be calculated until that statement's closing date.

It's not transparency, it's understanding how it works when interest accrues daily. If you want to get closer to a true "pay off" banks have pay off calculators that can get you much closer to the actual payoff amount but you need to ask for it and not assume you are paying off your card with the statement balance.