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My account has been closing since December 2020.. due to no reason as they just give me the run around.

I called more than a month ago asking when they receive my stimulus what will happen because mind you my account is still in process of being closed 3 months later. I was told they would mail me a check 5-7 days later. It has been a month later and after about 20 different agents and more calls later not one person can tell me when I will receive my funds. They literally tell me sit back and wait because they can do nothing at all due to my account being closed they need to verify the funds are mine.


So basically Im screwed and they cant tell me anything. When will I receive MY money?!

User's recommendation: Run!!!

Location: Arlington, Texas

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Go to see where it is


So, your bank is CLOSED or in the PROCESS of being closed. Listen, they don't have to give a reason for closing the account.

No bank has to. Something tells me you know EXACTLY why they shut you down. If you knew your bank has been closed for months, you should have been on the move to get your stim check sent to another bank(which I doubt you'll qualify for...You know why) or have it sent by check.

Your fault. OK...Say it...."You must work for them."

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