Moreno Valley, California

I have been working with...well really against boa for loan modification. This has been going on for well over a year.they say they have no record of request for modifavtion even though I have the documents in my hand.

Then they get my papers and intentionally do not scan in all docs. Everytime I call its "we are missing ..this or that.." the same *** I keep sending over and over. Its always " its being escalated..or under review" . We are not *** boa..we all know you stall to force people to spend the money to refi!

There has to be a way to complain and be heard!

Think I will start contacting congressmen and other agencies and start filing complaints about boa in every forum I can!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

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Massachusetts Court Voids Two Foreclosures

Seizures by U.S. Bancorp and Wells Fargo overturned

01/10/2011 | Mark Huffman |

"The Massachusetts Supreme Court has overturned the foreclosures on two homes in the Bay State, sending a shock wave through the banking industry.

The Massachusetts justices ruled that neither U.S. Bancorp nor Wells Fargo have proved they had a legal right to evict homeowners when they filed foreclosure papers on the two properties in 2007.

Legal experts were quick to point out that the issues raised by the justices were specific to the two cases in question and won't impact other foreclosures, but it was nonetheless viewed as a legal shot across the bow of the banking industry. Bank stocks sold off sharply in Friday's trading after the decision was made public.

The courts ruled that both Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp had not actually been assigned the mortgages before they filed papers to foreclose. Instead, the banks began the foreclosure proceedings, then gained ownership of the mortgages.

The ruling comes at a bad time for banks, but provides some measure of hope for homeowners fighting foreclosure. Revelations of lender abuses and sloppiness have triggered a number of investigations. In fact, late last year ALL 50 STATE ATTORNEY GENERSLS launched a joint investigation into foreclosure practices. In addition, some states have unilaterally sued various loan servicers.

As a result, fewer homes are the subject of foreclosure, reducing the inventory of foreclosure properties coming to the market. The U.S. Government reports foreclosure activity fell 21 percent from October to November, the largest one-month drop in five years.

Ironically, a slowdown in foreclosures could actually provide a respite for the beleaguered housing market, which has struggled to gain traction over the last two years. With fewer foreclosures coming to market, most of which are priced well before other homes, housing experts say it could help real estate prices recover faster."




I wrote to the president of B of A got an immediate response, as I have been in B of A *** for six months. BUT, here I am six months later with NO modification, got an upgrade send me this and that person, then get offered .25% interest.

OK, so guys I have played long enough.

Am just gonna stop payments end of this month. Then can we talk B of A?


I am beyond scared at this point . I have been making trial modification payments for 1 1/2 years, they either lose my paper , applied my payment to another account or tell me its being reviewed still .

I sought help from NACA a negotiator took all my financial information and sent BOA proposal, that was done 10/26/10 . On December 14th I received notification that the proposal NACA sent over was denied and to reapply when my financials looked better . I called BOA and was told an intent to sell letter was sent and expires on 1/14/2011 and that there was nothing else they could do. The lady I spoke with said I was $12,000 behind I asked her " we what have you been doing with the payments i have been sending in?" She had no response .

I feel like i have just been throwing money away and feel so helpless . I dont know what else to do .


They strung me along for 13 months now,I have to file chpt 13

Now they want to help......

Jerks and liars.

Basically if there is no tax payer funded help that you qualify for.

You do not exist.



After 3 years I finally managed to get a permanent modification paid for with my blood, sweat and tears among other things. I signed it in September and since then have never heard one word, I'm still paying the higher amount and my own insurance and they are not crediting my payments to my account and are sending me letters indicating that without some change I could be foreclosed on. these people do not deserve to have a job or a company.


One of your state senators handles complaints to bank so contact your senators local office