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I started this process in May 2009. Made the first 2 trial payments, called in to make the 3rd, was told at the time that there was no need to make the 3rd payment, because I didn't qualify for the program and I would need to call this # for another program.

I was never informed that they did not receive a nec. document. I called severeal times before the end of my trial period to make sure everything was fine. In fact, I even sent them some forms that they misplaced.(have faxed copies to prove receipt) The same day that I was told that I didn't qualify for the MHA program I sent 26 pages that were requested from me by the AG/workout group.

I called and was told to call back in 10 days. This run around went on for about 2 months. Finally I spoke with some one (Tanya) on August 30, 2009, who gave me a new trial amount. I paid that and was told that I will receive a Fedex envelope in 14 days.

Need I say I never received anything. I was told several times that the package was in the mail, we're a few weeks behind, we're ninety days behind, you need to be closed out of one program before we can put you in another. I was told on several occasions that they didn't know which trial payment was correct and also that they didn't know anything about new trial payments and even that they don't see me in any program. After months of calling (on my part), I finally received a letter in January 2010, saying that I did not make my trial payments and that they had not received all necessary documentation and that I would need to send a substantial amount of money to be considered for the program.

At this point, I am very afraid to send anything for fear of loosing everything. I don't wanna live anywhere for free, I just want to be sure that my payments are being received and acknowledged. I was told that they did not see one of my payments.

I sent them a copy of the check they cashed. This is crazy and stressful.

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i have been waiting for 6 months for bank of america to deliver on the HAMP restructure. i have called them..

visited their bank office... emailed them... and been hung up on... lied to...

transferred endlessly... and more.

now i find that while i have been making my payments regularly... that BOA has been filing these payments away somewhere and not posting them to my account... i have receipts..

and checks... and now i find that im 5 months in arrears accordingto their accounting. im disgusted with bankers...

BOA... liar cheats and theives.

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