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Used BOA for years never a problem. Credit score 820 @ 24 yrs old. We scheduled a $100 payment to a credit card. They sent it through our US bank account as $10,000. US Bank called me to ask if that was right. I said "NO!" US bank declined to trasaction (thank u US!)

I called BOA and they said it was a "computer glitch" and they would fix the returned fee if I called back once it all cleared there system. So I waited for that...and OMG they tried sending the $10,000 payment AGAIN!

So I called BOA again and said "Look I already called...I was already told it was a computer glitch...I was told to call back to get my fee returned and now I am going to be charged from US bank TWO times...then BOA 2 times...I want all my money put back...and anyways..why did u try it again?"

They told me they were confussed by the whole thing and had to talk to a manager. I was on hold 4 diffrent times and then transfered MANY times. I ended up talking to someone who was the "head cheese" they said "I am sorry this has all been due to training error" she boiled it all down to "training error" BUT refussed to give me my $22x2 (us bank) and $25x2 (BOA)

By this time I (AND My husband) have been on the phone for 2 hrs (plus) and I said "so...u are saying its your error but pretty much screw the little guy" she replys..."take it how ever you want it your not getting your money back"

AHHHHH I wanted to rip her head off. We cancled the 2 cards and are NEVER going back to BOA. Funny thing after talking to Cindy at my local US bank she refunded me the $44 and shook her head and warned me of BOA. It happens ALLOT with them and they always send it to the "B" upstairs to tell u off. Nice...really nice! I can tell u I have many mone years of dealing with banks and I will not give BOA one more second of my time or one penny of my money!

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Los Olivos, California, United States #22606

Yea... sounds like they really messed up.

This is an issue that happens alot at BOA and...well... all banks as humans work there. I've had to deal with errors like this alot. BUT seeing as this was DEFINATELY their error...

they should have refunded all fees!

Sometimes they ask to see an invoice or statement from the other bank to be sure that you arent earning money off their error... but for sure they should have reversed their fees no question.

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