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In September 2011, I contacted BOA to ask for help to lower my mortgage payment. Due to a divorce my income was reduced by 2/3.

I wanted to pay I just needed to modify my monthly payment. Over the past 2 years I have received dozens of foreclosure notices, endured the humiliation of random people showing up at my house to take pictures, "find me", demand paperwork, endless phone calls, endless promises of "loan modification final approval in 30 days", destroyed credit, and the emotional stress of fighting with a company to whom I send a monthly check!

I have been paying but the stress and humiliation has pushed me to the point where I just want to say fine, take the house. I won't go away quietly and will continue to fight but I wish I could find others in Pittsburgh going through this ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #761867

Paule, You're funny. How many times have the banks been bailed out by the Government?

Everybody runs into financial difficulties especially in the housing market today including the BIG Financial Institutions. In 2008, the Treasury Department invested $200 Billion alone in Bank bailouts all over the country, in which, Bank of America received over $15 Billion. Why do the banks get bailed out yet they cant lower the rate or house payment when a consumer falls on hard times? This consumer stated he/she wasn't trying to get out of their obligation just trying to make it more manageable.

BTW, when they signed the loan, I'm sure there were using two incomes not one. Bank of America is a crook pure and simple. They used the House Affordable Refinance Program to line their own pockets and never help the people that really need it through the HARP/HAMP program. Maybe that is why there is over 15,000 complaints against this company.

Shame on Bank Of America for treating their customers this way.


Hey PaulE,

I never said I wouldn't pay my need to read before you write and try googling the BOA law suits across the country. You are an insensitive prig saying go get an apartment. This is my family's home and read the complete story before you are so rude.


Well, if I want to change my car payment due to a divorce, is that possible? You signed a contract that states you will pay a set amount per month.

Where in the contract does it say if you get a divorce, that your payment can be adjusted.? If it does, more power to you. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, just practical. Maybe life is trying to tell you something.

Sell the house, simplify. Get a nice Apt.


Dallas, Texas, United States #711003

Contact United Homeowners Advocacy Group.They work with a national network of attorneys that specialize in helping with matters like yours.

You MUST have legal representation,as you cannot do this yourself.We are going thru the same run around with our servicer.You have rights!

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