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I applied for a loan modification and after trial was over, BOA stated that they've been reporting me late to the credit bureau during the entire time! Is that even legal???

I thought they'd help, but as usual they just s***wed me over. Now I how back payments of over $4000. Get this: when I asked if I could pay in installments they said pay half up front then they wanted to run a credit check--just to see if I'm eligible to be set up on a payment plan. Wow!!!

I said no--actually h***no! I'll file a chapter something first and get to keep all my stuff. Not no one will touch me for anything.

I've worked to keep my credit in check for years and in 5 months, BOA ruined all my efforts. Can't someone help me (all of those affected Please?!?!?)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

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The time you are talking about (requesting modification, getting approved and obama trial period) yes they can report late if you are not making the FULL payment per contract even during the obama trial period. You can thank our president and his *** plan. We need to stop doing all mod plans and make people responsbile for the contracts they signed.

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