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I am not kidding - our family has been held in home loan approval *** for THREE months!! We began our honest journey to obtain a home loan on November 30, 2011.

Today is February 16, 2012. As of today, our loan continues to be delayed due to EXCESSIVE PAPERWORK issues and "conditions not yet met". Mind you, my husband and I have fantastic credit (both of us over 840), we have investments worth far more than the loan we are seeking, and the loan we are seeking is much less than what we were "pre-approved" for. We began by completing and sending in the loan paperwork that was provided to us.

It sits around at Bank of America. We call to ask why the hold-up. They suddenly decide to review the paperwork. OH!

They need more information. We send it in ASAP. It goes to the all-mysterious Underwriter who sits on it for a very long time. The paperwork comes back - but it is "incomplete".

However, we don't know this because Bank of America doesn't call us - we have to call them - asking "what is going on". OH! They need more information.... This goes on and on and on.

Delay after delay after delay. Bank of America will make you feel like a dirty criminal. Bank of America will treat you and your spouse like liars and cheats. My husband and I are honest people who live with honor and integrity and we deeply resent the implication that the information that we have submitted (and it has been LOTS and LOTS) is untrue or that we are trying to pull one over on them.

Be WARNED. Even when you do call, you will not get through. You can expect to leave a message. Do not expect a return call, not even as a courtesy.

I feel that Bank of America is completely incompetent and fails (epically) to treat its customers with respect. Three months, numerous documents submitted, and no clear end in sight. I don't know what to do. Starting over is not an option for our timeline.

Avoid Bank of America. Avoid them like the plague.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Location: Anna, Ohio

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I read these complaints of refinancing or saving their homes that are financed with BOA. Someone had said that already 3 months had passed and still no word.

The actions that they took with regard to submitting information over and over again to have it just sit on some underwriter's desk is all too familiar. My mortgage lender, also a big name like BOA, did the same thing to my husband and myself for over 3 YEARS. Lies, lies and more lies. I can't even count how many times we sent updated financial information and endured disrespectful treatment from the *** in that department.

Nevr spoke to the same person twice. I was in banking for 16 years and I never treated our customers that way. But the problem is that there is no accountability in these Loss Mitigation departments. If you have fallen behind, you become an underclass citizen, a treatment that ONLY goes away if you get current.

What is there to do? Well, I was lucky and got in on the EHLP loan program that was a short-term, hard to qualify government loan. But even then, I only got us qualified when I contacted my local congressman's office. He has a whole staff of people who do nothing but aid people who have been dragged under again and again by mortgage lending fraud and empty promises.

Had I not found them, we would be homeless. Don't wait 3 years, people! Scream loud and long until your elected officials take up the fight with you.

The OCC didn't help us, The local housing authority did little to help us, in short, the mortgage lender treated us like *** for 3 years. Don't give up and don't give in.


Bank of America is indeed HORRIBLE and they really don't care if you know it or not. They may be private, as Urmom stated, but they are not private enough that they didn't need gov't support recently.

I SO WISH I could take my home refinance elsewhere but the gov't program I need is ONLY available when you refinance through your current lender. I will NEVER do business with BofA again if I can choose.

So glad I do not have any banking accounts with them, outside of my mortgage. I didn't choose them for my mortgage but am still paying for it!


Your story is so similiar to ours. We went in for a refinance in August 2011, when our credit was fine and we were curent on payments but knew by November/December we'd be into some trouble making paments

We said we needed a quick turnaround, they understood and not to worry. We told them several times each month we needed this to close. They asked us not to worry, be patient. We got the loan through in early December and were relieved our payments were $600 less/mo. And we had no payment until February so that would give us a chance to catch up.

THEN THEY TOOK THAT LOAN BACK WITHOUT TELLING US! One day I call to ask about the "Assistance for Unemployed" I saw on their website. That's when I found out they had us delinquent for December which was true because they screwed up and prolonged the process running us into the red zone. But they also had us late for January.

Nobody will answer me on why. Now that we are "on the radar" BOA has made mistake after miscommunication after failed follow-through and my mortgage statements have been altered with payment debits and credits pushing the dates around and makimg it look like we were just late enough to look delinquent.

How can the get away with this? We just wanted to refinance and tip-toe through the tulips. Now our credit is smashed, BOA wants to take our home and not one person I speak to will give me a straight answer or call me back.


BOA is a private lender. They can approve, disapprove, or just kick you out because they don't like your hairstyle.

Doesn't matter. You want to make the rules? Go out and get a million investors to give you 100,000 dollars each and then start your own bank.

No? Then play by their rules and be nice about it.


*** you how about that you must be a paid goverment troll

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