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Update by user Jun 11, 2015

Update: It turns out Complaint was well received by BOFA Enterprise Customer care resolution team and helped me within 1 day to track down the card delivery. I was able to locate the card and previous cards too.

Suggestion: Improve the 1st level Credit card customer care representatives approach to resolve the problem with immediate request, with just little more digging into issue, and able to provide more info, it avoids lots of waste of time and going into circles.

I'm back as a happy BOFA customer. Thanks for the quick turn around and helping out.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2015

BOFA had always been a reliable and trustworthy Bank with good customer support and Banking features for my financial needs. But the recent experience with it's Credit card services has broken the myth.

For reference, I'm located in Georgia for more than 6 months now with updated address, moved from last California address.

Day1: I ran into this issue when I mistakenly lost my card on/around 20th Apr and reported to Bank after not finding it at home or with belongings. As expected they blocked the lost card and re-issued a new card which was to be sent to my current and updated address within a week.

Day15: After checking mailbox everyday for next two weeks I contacted Credit card team again and informed that I haven't received the card yet. Consequently hey re-issued me 2nd card with a Rush delivery option, for over night or 2-3 day delivery, of card.

Day20: Called them again to check the status since card is yet not received, when this credit card service associate on call told that Rush delivery was stuck in system and he has to clear it, which should again take maximum 2-3 days to deliver.

Day30: No card in mailbox yet, called them again. This time associate on call gave a broader picture and informed that at least 2nd card was sent to my California address, which I'd already changed 6 months back. He told that he is filing an internal complaint to look into matter that how card was delivered to incorrect address and also issued me another 3rd card.

Day35: No card yet, called again. This time lady on call told that card is on its way with overnight or priority delivery and I can get the tracking number as well by next 1-2 day, and I decided to wait again.

Day38: No card, no tracking number yet. Called them again, after couple of long holds on-line male associate on call informed me that 3rd card was sent through normal delivery and will be received in 14-15 days and nothing can be done now but wait. When I asked to connect to the supervisor I was again kept on brief hold and then told no supervisor is available to take call so I can only wait for card to be received in another 4-5 Business days.

Day 44: And I'm still waiting to receive the card.

After all this I've decided to file an official complaint against BOFA Credit card services team and concerned people, this has been a mental trauma for me since BOFA's credit card has been my primary credit management instrument and I've been a consistent customer with paying all the bills on time. It's been a very rough case handling by BOFA team, very insensitive and passing all the false information almost every time I called. Lots of questions.. Which address they sent the first card? Why was 2nd card sent to California address? Why was 3rd card even after specifically telling the situation sent with regular delivery and told as Rush delivery?

I'm a furious and highly disappointed BOFA customer who has lost all good faith in their Banking and customer handling process. Bad consumer publicity is the worst thing that kills business, and you can never suppress it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Bank Of America Pros: Banking and security.

Bank Of America Cons: Credit card services team, Customer service.

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