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$44,000.00 was frozen by BofA. The money was designated for an orphanage. Eventually I received the money then sent the money to the orphanage. I work with many investor and client needs of various business requests. BofA certainly had no concern for me as an account holder or the orphans at the orphanage. I could have gone to small claims for damages, but I am very busy. Instead I filed complaints with the government. BofA attitude seems to be the same as all banks will do whatever they please regardless of harm, laws and any other hardship experience they may cause.

BofA also gave a client of mine an impression of someone I am not with regards to a Chase wire and possibly other business wires of mine. I have to have all records opened ordered by a judge to see if BofA had anything to do with Chase problems or any other bank problems. I am fortunate to work with the best investors and clients around the world I was defended. Problem is though I did not know it is BofA part of account holder contract to reach out to someone without an account holder knowing. Actually BofA tried to lure my client into saying something was untrue.

I had a meeting with a rep of BofA and said one more problem and I will have to have the judge made aware of BofA behavior. So please stop your tactic of procedure.

I can still take BofA to small claims for I am within the time allowed. My finance manager and I have not decided to do so yet. All of my reviews are with documentation and a paper trail I am privy to. BofA is lucky I am very busy.

BofA must believe they are privy to whatever they please to be privy to or mind the business of another instead of their own business. I am finding many banks are acting in a similar manner as my other reviews will reveal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Banking disgust.

Bank Of America Cons: Bofa procedures.

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