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Contact us asap if you have been a victim of fraud caused by Bank America in the loan modification process and if they have destroyed credit lines you have had while never being in default with your mortgage a huge plus. Two attorney specialists are taking immediate...
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I tried for over 3-years to get a loan modification from Bank of America. Bank of America has definitely practiced horrible and toxic financial business with me in regards to my home.

I am definitely a "Victim of Fraud," caused by Bank of America.

I eventually had to agree to a "Short Sale" on my property. Is it to late for me to join this Class Action Suit, filed in Southern California?

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank Of America Modification HAMP Program is a ripoff

My Story started Oct of 2008 . I had country wide and now bank of America. I was notified that I qualified for the Hamp loan modification. I made all of my trial payments. And now after almost 16 payments Later my home is schedule to be sold in a trustee sale on Sept, 20 2010 and my modification as been denied. After all that time of paying without missing any payments I cant believe this is happening to me. I need help fast if anybody have any suggestion's please email me to thank you in advance
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My first mortgage is with Select Portfolio Servicing and my 1st mortgage was approved after the 3 month trial period. This new loan started on November 2009.

One year later Bank of America (without me even applying or asking) modified my 2nd mortgage to mirror the terms of my first mortgage. I have no complaints what so ever.


Coldwell Banker forget to apply my trial payments, so they could foreclose on my property. The Attorney General office blew me off in Florida, when I complained.

They also don't follow the laws regarding the ration of income to mortgage amount reduction. They approved of an 1/8th of a percentage change and wanted to add ten years to the mortgage. A reduction of $50.00 wasn't going to help me. I had to fight to keep my home and get out of the program.

Unethical people. I hope they burn in *** for their behavior.


I missed payments from Oct 09 to March 2010 when I was offered the trial program. Like most, the 3 month trial extended to 8 months.

After receiving 2 denials which I fought, I finally was approved for the permanent loan modification, but here is the catch folks. First, the loan modification document arrived via Fedex on Oct 25, 2010. The effective date of the mod was written as July 2010. Secondly, My arrearages from Oct 09 - to July 2010 less trial payments totalled 11,980.

BOA "invstor" says I owe $35,659.81 which they so graciously will defer until my home is sold, at which time they will take that chunck out at closing. They have GOT TO BE OUT OF THEIR MINDS. First of all, in this economy and plumetting home sale prices, there is no way I will gain #35K at closing. And if I do.



So much for OBAMA plan


I think GMAC has attempted the same with me. I ignored the temp modification order because of late fees and sent whole payments.

Later found they put those payments in another account and said I didn't pay at all. I told them to put it all back the way it was and am just waiting to run out of savings before forced out.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank Of America in Los Angeles, California - Property Owner

We have been in a loan modification with BOA for over a year!! My GMAC loan modification for my residence only took less than three months. What is BOA doing with all the bailout money they received???? They sure are not helping all the people they loaned money to. BOA is not being sympathetic or even trying to renegotiate terms that all parties are happy with. This is not a professional way to do business and it is certainly not a way to get future business. I will never get another loan from BOA as long as I live and many people I have spoken to feel the same way. You would think a smart business person would want to settle instead of foreclosing or holding on to hundreds of properties they can not get rid of. I need to save my investments. How do I save my property and get rid of BOA once and for all!!! Thank you. Melissa Warrren
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Melissa - Contact me please email Same issue facing home foreclosure - look at my post on here - CLASS ACTION

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Bank Of America Loan Modification
I'm going through the worst nightmare with them myself. It's been almost nine months and the workout information on Bank of America's web site has been showing I've been "APPROVED" for months, up until January 20, 2009, and then the workout information...
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I have a story I want to present because it is simply not right, that big banks can do these things to consumers.

My husband had a Bank of America card, where I was only a user on the card, we had the card for over 30 years. He died in May 2012, I am a widow. I was the only one using this card my husband never used it.

On May 24th 2012 I got a letter from them addressed to the Estate Representative, I immediately called them and requested that they send me the bill,so I can review it and pay it. Plus this card was a cash rewards card, they told me because my husband is dead those rewards are gone. This was over $100.00.

I explained I needed the bill, to review the charges, and I wanted that $100.00 applied and even though I am not responsible to pay it, I want to pay it, we have always paid our bills.

It is not right that even in death these big Banks think they can steal the consumers money. Anything you could do to help me will be appreciated.

I feel so strongly about this that I want to write up a flyer, and pass it out to every consumer who enters Bank of America on the old road in Stevenson Ranch. That is where I live,as I think people should be educated about this..

The phone # to this department is 1-888-689 4466 the case # is 11663985.

Anything you could do to help me would be ever so much appreciated.

Now after all this they have reported it to a credit bureau, theses people need to be sued big time.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

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