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My husband needed to cash his check right away, he went to BOA & they charged him a $6 fee. When he asked the teller why they charge $6 he got a rude remark & not a direct answer.

BOA is the only bank that I am aware that charges a fee. If the company he works for has an account with BOA, why do they charge there employees a fee to cash there check? The company that he works for pays a fee that will waive or should waive there employees to pay a $6 fee to cash a check. SunTrust, WAMU/Chase, Bank Atlantic, etc do not charge a fee for you to cash a check.

Come on this is a BANK not a Check Cashing place, like Western Union or Amscot.

I am very disappointed with the services BOA offers & even more upset with all the RUDE tellers they have working there. Shame on you BOA, you are the biggest thieves out there!!!

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so what happens if my check that i am trying to cash is $6.55


Chase does not cash checks if you don't have an account so how could they charge a fee??? suntrust and bankatlantic are not real banks by any means, they are mini banks and your husband's company has the option to pay the check cashing fee for him, but apparently they chose not too. Banks are here to service their customers and someone without an account is not a customer so they are costing the bank money by wasting tellers time.


If the check is written by the Bank you are cashing it at then they are a customer. When a company deposits millions of dollars to cover there payroll into your bank they expect a certain level of respect passed a long with it to there employees you know the people that make them the money that they in turn put the money into the account for.


Yeah, like a $6 fee even makes a dent if the check is fraudulent. Seriously, I was at a convention in Seattle and was reimbursed by check for some money I paid out for someone else.

I needed that money to pay for my hotel.

I went to BofA to cash it which was next to my hotel and the bank the check was drawn on.I couldn't believe they charged me $6 just to cash their own check. It is highway robbery to charge for cashing your own check and I know it and they know it.


If you have an account and don't keep $1500 in the account at all times or don't have direct deposit they charge you $8.95. They do this the first time without telling you.


I have the same problem. My company uses Bank of America and I get charges a $6.00 fee every time I cash my check.

I as well am sick of paying it, but I can't make it to my bank in time after work to deposit my check and I tried to use other places like Stop & Shop, but they don't let you do it unless you have a special card and I can't seem to find a Wal-Mart near me that will cash payroll checks.

BOA told me I could get out of the $6.00 fee by opening an account with them, but I don't want one. They're a bunch of thieves and I hate using them.


go to stop and shop its a $1.00


Please learn how to use the proper words. You used "there" when you should have used "their".


The reason banks charge non-clients a fee to cash cheques is because they take on a certain amount of risk to cash cheques. When you goto your own bank they can verify your identity and trace the cheque back to your bank account if the cheque was fraudulent.

Since you goto a bank where they don't know you they take on a risk and have nothing to gain by it... unless they charge you.

What if i was a *** artist who made up a fraudulent cheque drawn from that bank for 5000 and just expected them to cash it for me. OF COURSE THEY WOULD CHARGE ME A FEE. Why would they take on unneccessary risk when you should be going to your own bank to cash a cheque.

Just think of the movie "Catch Me If You Can"... it happens more often than you think and banks lose a lot of money so of course they charge so tell your husband to goto his own bank.