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I have been trying to get a loan mod with Bofa for over a year. According to their numbers, I qualify but they never seem to be able to 'fit' me into existing govt.

programs. Some told me an in-house mod was the next step. Others at Bofa have told me that because they're only the servicer on my mortgage, they can't...it's up to the investors. Who are these investors?

What do I do to get off this loop? I am current, but when I asked about refinancing they told me that I couldn't have any late payments for the last two years. A year ago I was told that in order to qualify for a loan mod, I had to be late so I paid the mortgage but always after the due date. Now I'm told my latest application is Underwriting Complete...but no one can tell me when "the investors" will make their decision.

I'm at my wit's end. I realize the system is designed to derail and discourage the very client they are supposed to be servicing. I realize that BofA doesn't care one way or the other what my circumstances are. I know it's an institution with millions of customers and thousands of offices.

So, how does one person take on such a monster? Should I put in a QWR in order to let them know I can play by the rules and will hold them to those same rules? Or am I wasting my breath? Do I keep trying until they get so sick of me they finally give in?

What else should I be doing?


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Location: Englewood, Colorado

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And "Nikalseyn"--YOU'RE A BULLY, a true reflection of BofA and it's practices.


Keep bugging them...and bugging them, every single day. And take names and notes, you'll need them later.

I was never late, but did qualify for the Making Homes Affordable Program (MHAP). However, I was told over and over again by more than 8 BofA reps that I had to be 60 days delinquent on my account to qualify for the MHAP; one of them was a manager (not a supervisor). I took their advice, held onto my money and waited 60 days (actually 65 days), and then called them. To my SHOCK and HORROR--I was in FORECLOSURE!

You would think I could have easily just turned around and paid them to two months of mortgage--I did try, but they continually rejected the payment. They didn't make it that easy. I had the money for the mortgage, but not their added legal fees, document fees, and what every else they were asking. In addition, no one could answer my questions, my mortgage was being processed by a legal foreclosure company, and BofA had no control over their decisions. Interestingly, the foreclosure company turned out to be a subsiduary--I was trapped.

OK, it was not very smart of me to listen to "financial" company for "financial" advice--silly me. This started my long search for information.

After a very, very long story...I received my modification after 19 months (yes 19), and an additional 6 months to get it "reinstated" as a normal account.

My heart goes out to you, and best wishes!

A friend in kind, from California

And "Nikalseyn"--YOU'RE A BULLY, a true reflection of BofA and it's practices.


Please go tot your local media. Stock holders love it when the media turns against their cash cow...note my sarcasm.

In all seriousness, this is the only way I can see a change. I am in a different situation than you, trying to short sale, but BOA has dropped the ball a million times and there's nothing I can do about it but bend over and talk to the next *** in line to take my call.

Please please please contact the news about this. We need the general public to see what is really going on and need our personal stories to be heard.


Is stealing peoples homes good business also? Looking forward to seeing BofA stock crumble when this whole top-heavy cauldron boils over.

See you on the streets then!


Your smart-Alec and rather wizened comment was worse than no comment at all and seems consistent with a systemic indifference. I asked for help.

This was not helpful. Please don't bother to respond.


Sounds like you are a bad risk, what with late payments and all. Probably have a rather low credit score.

Since I hold stock in Bank of America, I can see no valid reason to loan you money and take a chance of you defaulting.

We like to loan money to credit-worthy customers. That's called good business.

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