Torrance, California

Because my payment due date fell on President's Day (February 21) somehow their system didn't "register" my payment - eventhough they successfully withdrew it on February 22. So, on March 21 instead of w/drawing the regular monthly amount, they doubled it-leaving my account overdrawn since I didn't anticipate the higher payment.

I have been calling everyday since Monday - this has caused my account to be hit with 4 (so far) overdraft fees, which my bank will not refund me since it's not their error. B of A is crediting my account back the overpayment for the monthly charge - but is NOT crediting my bank account back the overdraft fees. Instead, they're applying the overdraft fees to my credit card - AND that won't reflect until the NEXT billing cycle. SO - that leaves me with hardly any room on my card - and overdrawn account AND $120 overdradft fees that B of A isn't puting back into my checking account.

This COMPLETELY screws me. I have an outstanding message with Steven Quibly - VP of Credit Card Services in Charlotte NC.

If anyone else has someone i can call - please tell me. This is terrible management on b of a's end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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