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recently my wife went to Bof A to cash a check in the amount of $66. The check was drawn on a bank of America account.

The teller then told my wife there would be a charge of $5 to cash the check as we did not have an account with them. Did this not used to be unlawful? We will never do business with B of A or any known affiliates ever again.

They have proven over and over that they have no regard for anything but the dollars they can squeeze out of their customers. I think a bank should be required to cash any check written by one of their account holders free of charge upon proof of identity assuming sufficient funds to cover the transaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Mention to them that charging a fee to cash a check drawn on that bank is a violation of REGS CC "interfering with the flow of funds" and may also constitute fraud on the part of the bank and the maker of the check if it would not be honored for the issued value of the check.


why not cash the check at bank you have an account with? ohhh...

you don't have one? well you don't get free service from a business.

any check cashing business charges a fee. why not a bank?


Cash a check at your own bank then!


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In this day and age most banks charge some kind of fee to cash a check for someone who does not have an account with them. You might as well get used to it.


No free service. Pay up.


it doesnt cost anything to open an account you *** ***.

was it your welfare check you were cashing? who else cries about $6 :cry


Only $5 for not having an account thats not bad. Wal-Mart charges $3, if Bank of America is to steep for you.