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I used to bank with bank of america about 7 years ago. I made a mistake in my bank book and wrote a check 5 dollars over what I really had in the bank.

(big deal) I payed off the overdraft and their bank fees only to find out they put me in check systems and closed out my account. Now 7 years later Im still in check systems because "BANK OF AMERICA" State that I have not payed off my fees which now total more than 300 dollars. According to them I had not cancled my accout nor payed the fees. so they added more fees.

The account is now offically closed. So I was lied to and cheated. Avoid this bank at all costs!!! They will do anything to take advantage of you.

Im now currantly working with a credit union to fix this problem and have my name removed from check systems without giving bank of america a dime.

I still have all documents showing that I payed off the checks and the fees. I have warned all family and friends to stay away from this company.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Right i am going through the same thing they put me into their check system because i lost my card and some use it


*** BOFA


Same thing happened to me except with a DEBIT CARD. Being that I did not have over draft protection on the account, I really questioned how they could even allow the charge to go through.

THEN they continued to add fees and $700 bucks later, Im still on chex systems. I dont trust banks at all. I manage all of my money myself on cash only basis.

I am perfectly happy with this arrangement. BofA, you suck!