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I was given my Christmas bonus check and wanted to get $200 out of $1397.00 and BOA did not let me do it. They have tried to cash my check and somehow it would not work.

They then told me to deposit the check and the funds should be available the next day. well guess what! I have been trying to pay my rent today and I can't because they are holding the funds. You would think these days, with everything being electronics they can't verify a check in one day?

I mean really? No. I have to wait until the 15th of December. I have deposited the check on the 6th of December.

I think they should make people aware of this when you open an account. By the way, BOA charges you $5.00 for a money order while wallmart charges you $.70 for it.

I could have simply cash my bonus check at wallmart or went to another bank. As soon as my funds are available, I am closing my accounts with BOA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Check Deposit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Verify the damn check and stop treating everyone like a fraud .

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Boa sent me a offer for hamp i accepted it for 3 month trail tpp payed it for 10 months and sent my morgage to forclosure was never behind never was late and was told every phone call itwas being processed they put me though 2 more mods after that one i payed then 3 years later moved me and my disabled grandson out of my home the case is under appeal they even lied on the breifs hopefully the panel will see they were wrong and liars on the last mod i did in 2014 the sale was cancelled due to incomplete papers and boa called me that nite to tell me i would be happy to hear they cancelled the sale because the underwriter was putting my morgage together in my eyes they are liars and crooks my story was on cbs nov 2017


By the way I use post with one of my coworker. She went to another back.

I think fidelity bank and they cashed the check for her. She is bit even a customer with them. Although I was a customer with my own bank I could not do it.

Nice right! I am.just done BOA.

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