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Contact us asap if you have been a victim of fraud caused by Bank America in the loan modification process and if they have destroyed credit lines you have had while never being in default with your mortgage a huge plus. Two attorney specialists are taking immediate action against Bank America's fraudulent practices to consumers that have been affected in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Thank you for your support in reaching us.

The suit is being filed in Southern California area and we need people from the area asap!

Email: cgrayber@yahoo.com or phone (323) 829-9799

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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I tried for over 3-years to get a loan modification from Bank of America. Bank of America has definitely practiced horrible and toxic financial business with me in regards to my home.

I am definitely a "Victim of Fraud," caused by Bank of America.

I eventually had to agree to a "Short Sale" on my property. Is it to late for me to join this Class Action Suit, filed in Southern California?


2 years with affordable loans, sent papers, finding they had lost them ,or did not review in timely manner. had to resend confdential papers several times.

No answer to help.

causing bad credit. tried Naca and got the same thing.


I worked with affordable loan dept. for 2 years .

sending my court papers for disablity, countless times filed papers, and all I got was give us more time to review your account, later i inquired about the paperwork did they receive it?

then to be told you will have to resubmit because your papers cannot be older than 90 days. dah!!!even worked with naca


We lost our home that we were almost done paying on because of :Scheme, misleading, inconsistent, lost correspondence, verbal abuse, extensive delay, money, health, harsh, shuffled, no resolution, dysfunctional, barrage of misinformation, misdirection, deliberate inactivity, abuse, harassment, yo-yo. blocked at every turn, labyrinth of transfers, hundreds of hours on the telephone, transferred, never speak to same person again, contradictions, complaints meet with resistance, no supervisors available, unaccountable departments, asked to sign same documents three, four or even five times, negotiators who would not return telephone calls, not isolated incidents, pattern and practice by Bank of America.’” BofA is dealing with people hard earned money,The American Dream (home ownership)Not frickn Kmart.(nothing against Kmart) Im not the only one that this has happend to I know. Something MUST be done about this.


I tried for over a year in 2009/10 to get a loan mod from BAC. They lost documents, etc and delayed until they sold my home in a foreclosure auction in Jan, 2010.

I was notified within three weeks of the auction that my loan mod. had been approved! Additionally, I now know that there is a full reconveyance to me from MERS with no documents afterward.

The house is mine! How can I get it back?


I am a victim in florida of the Toxic Chinese drwall issue. Bank of America is operating like racketeers in my opinion.

They have taken my mortgage payments for a toxic house for years and are unwilling to stop trying to take my house as well or give me a refund for their effective well oiled racket of a house.

What a bunch of dirtbags in my opinion. :(