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There is one and only one way to fix the lying, swindling, cheating b****rds, close your accounts, take your money out and move it to a credit union. BOA is a thief and as long as we keep our money in their institution they will continue to screw us.

Close your accounts and take your money out! Tell all your friends, relatives, and networks to remove their money, credit card accounts, and business accounts from BOA.

To allow them to keep earning money on our money while they screw us is foolish. You may not be able to move your mortgage, but every other account that you can close, JUST DO IT!

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Des Allemands, Louisiana, United States #175542

I could not agree more. I did just that, after BOA reduced my credit line to the balance owed, when my payment record is perfect.

Credit unions are the best option, far more consumer friendly. Do not respond to BOA offers...that's how I got sucked in.


Yes, B of A is the antichrist. However, all banks are evil.

B of A is only their leader. Only do business with credit unions, they are are in the business of helping us...not the ultra wealthy elites....




I cannot even begin to go into the garbage I've been through with BOA - 4 yrs and it still goes on!

Remember they aquire customers because theyt don't have the business practices to EARN them!


BofA = Antichrist :grin 8)


anybody know how to contact upper management in this nighmare company? i have been trying to take care of a loan issue for almost three years and every Habib I talk to puts me on hold and passes me to the next ***... :( :( :(


I can never talk to anyone who speaks English well enough that you can understand them !!!!!!!!

Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States #158612

As a former employee, its not our fault. We want to help the customers with their issues there is just not a way for us to do so.

This is the reason I quit. I was a customer before I started working there and I have since moved my money else where...


bank of america are the antichrist .they have no souls the people working there are both rude and mean they will all burn in *** *** b of a :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( bank


It is much better to put your money in local banks that support your local community anyway!

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