Duluth, Georgia
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I was informed by fia card services that they had reviewed my account and were closing it because of high balance. I was never late for a payment and always paid more than the minimum.

I have refused to pay this credit card and now they are harassing me almost daily. I have told them when they closed my account, they closed my debt also.

Why would they anger someone who was making their payments. Did they not check the balance?

The latest character whose name was Cecil and he got really loud and abusive. I handled it the best that I could.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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making your minimum payment on time does not make you a great customer. they probably did you a favor by not letting you keep getting further in debt. Wake up, you still owe them money for whatever charges you made.

Slatina, Olt, Romania #73610

Just because they closed your account does not mean that you do not owe them the money you already used.

If you continue to avoid them and not pay what you owe them (Under your old terms and interest rate)your balance will continue to grow because of interest charges, plus you will get hit with lawyer fees, as well as other court costs and you will get SUED! Oh yes and the judge will not agree with you on your reason either for not paying them, and after he falls off the bench from laughing he will render his judgement for the credit card company

Your credit rating will take a dive every month they report you as being late

to the credit reporting bureaus.

As far as closing your account, banks have been doing this for the past 7 months or so to everybody regardless of how you have been paying or how long you have been with them. That is a way of life now.

Your *** comment of since they closed your account you don't owe them anything is not a smart one, because you DO owe them every penny and they will get it from you or your job when they attach your wages and then you can really kiss your credit rating goodbye.

Terry has spoken


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