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Bank of America closed two of my credit card acounts due to one negative report to credit bureau, to which I am in good standings with my other accounts.

Credit card number one I have 48,464 reward points, credit card number 2 27,964. I was told I could not redeem these points. Can they do this?

I had these cards since 1998, never late with payments, paid as soon as statement came in. I guess they were not making any money off me, so any reason to get rid of me.

I could care less about B of A, I just want my reward points which I earned!

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Bank of America, dont even get me started. I have NO negative reports on my credit, in fact I have wonderful credit and have always been in good standing with my bank of america credit card.

I was using their "Pet Rewards" credit card that I got free Science Diet pet food for my points and out of no where they cancelled the program and earased all the points i had earned, and without asking converted my card into a World Points credit card. They said they sent something in writing but of course I never recieved it. The day I was trying to cash my points in for pet food, I called them to see why it wasnt working and they told me the last day to use them was the day before and theres nothing they could do to help me. While bank of america reserves the right to cancel rewards programs it was shady and conniving the way they did it, especially to inform a long-term, good-standing customer they cant help them.

I hate commercial banks. they are jerks.


Sorry to hear this, I have this card and I never heard of accrueing any reward points. I've also had them since the late 90's.

I also pay my statment in full each month. And I have also been reported by the credit bureau for student loans more than once and still I maintain my card in good standing with Bank of America. I'm curious that on 9/12 I wrote a complaint here about a USMLE Review course advising students to pay for it with a credit card such as Bank of America because they have a refund policy if a purchase is reported as fraud and they break their contract which this course does customarily. After I wrote this complaint on 9/12 continuous complaints started coming in about B of A on 9/12, 9/13, 9/14 and 9/15 until I reported them.

Beforehand the only complaints about B of A came in sparingly a few months apart. While the course I reported has entire forums filled with complaints about them on various web sites. I felt I needed to say this for any readers of this course who happen to read this as well. Beware of this possible corruption with this course, because if they're capable of faking complaints about another innocent company just to keep their scam going then think how honest they will be with your money and USMLE preparation.

The complaints against B of A stopped coming in on a continuous obvious fashion on 9/15 not sure if because I reported them or because they got scared since I posted an extra reply on my complaint to them on that day.

However I will keep track of this and post it on their complaint if it continues. I can verify the truth or not since I also have this card.