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Below is the letter I sent to Bank of America ...

Dear Sir or Madam ,Reasons I am closing my account :

1.Your corporation has closed hundreds of ATM's across the US , making it difficult to withdraw cash when traveling.

2.Closed many financial centers , Amarillo now down to 3.

3.I have been a customer since July of 1973.

4.Stayed with you through 4 or 5 corporation name changes ; First National Bank, Nations Bank, Boatmans Bank, Bank of America , etc.

5.Even stayed with you years ago when there was a mass exit of accounts in Amarillo.

6.In one financial center, the desks and furniture chipped, scratched, and cracked. I know vacuum cleaners will not pickup, but paper clips and staples on the carpet, making the office unattractive.

The main reason I am closing my account , last October 2018 , all of a sudden , could not withdraw cash from ATM's , or use debit cards. All my utilities that are on auto bank draft bounced , leaving me with a lower credit rating, and many late payment charges. Went to the financial center at 3440 Bell Street Suite 328 and was told all my information on file was blank and account was frozen, locked.

I received no phone call, no e-mail, and nothing in the mail that account was frozen. “ No Notification !” At financial center I did not receive an “I'm sorry” , no apology, no free calendar, no free toaster. NOTHING ! Then I was told it would take 3 days to flip a switch to re-activate my checking account again. ( Since I was out of cash and in need of money, my new bank even offered to give me money out of their petty cash to get me over the weekend. Received nothing like that from Bank of America. ) Even had to get back into the long teller line a second time to finish closing the account.

I know the loss of my little 4 digit account is not going to hurt your corporation, but social media and the InterNet is a great and powerful tool to slam your bank. I cannot believe I was treated like this after 46 years. I will strongly suggest and give warning to anyone banking with Bank of America. This is happening with many people that I see on the InterNet and social media. Your corporation has made this part of my life miserable and others say your corporation does not care.

Worst bank experience I have ever had to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Cons: Withholding funds, Awful customer service.

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BOA doesn't care!!! They have a strategy (and reputation) of squeezing every penny from customer service fees and financial transaction.

They have made record profits in 2018 boosted by the Corporate Tax cut. BOA corporate culture: - Despite leading all banks (including Wells Fargo which is no easy effort) in unethical, criminal and civil fines and penalties, BOA top 5 executives were compensated over $80 Million in 2017: Brian Moynihan, CEO - $21 Million; Thomas Montag, COO- $18.4 Million; Paul Donofrio, CFO- $12 Million; Terrence Laughlin, Vice Chair - $11 Million Geoffrey Greener, Chief Risk Officer- $11.3 Million. At the same time BOA has released over 100K employees over the past several years. - A senior executive at Bank of America in New York departed last week after an internal investigation into a young female banker’s accusation of inappropriate sexual conduct, according to people at the bank who were briefed on the investigation.

- A 21 year-old Bank of America Intern Moritz Erhardt was found dead in the shower. Erhardt had reportedly worked three consecutive all-nighters.

Numerous outlets have indicated this isn’t uncommon with banking interns, and is part of an unofficial “hazing culture” where interns work around the clock. Stay with BOA at your own risk....