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On Oct 2 I woke up to our 6 family accounts being closed and could not even access viewing them online.

I was told BofA has right to close our accts 4 A business decision. Can’t release the $18,000 funds in 6 of our accts.

For at least 10 days.

These are my kids accounts opened while they were at standoffs, Pepperdine, and my daughter in Albany in college. My father’s account who had just passed away and my two accounts. Our business account was for tenants to make their rental deposit. I called ea one and changed to wellsfargo bank.

All tenants upset since they had to figure out new ways to replace Zelle, etc.

My one sons in NY had his ck direct deposit to BofA the day before and is the type of person with no cash. Was out with no money , no working card and could not see or accts his money his employer had just deposited.

Could get any responses from anyone. In fact, they were mad at me.

My sone opened a new account. I sent him money 4 two weeks.

I already banked will Wells.

BofA has no SHAME.

took our money for 2 weeks. On Oct 7 received a letter for all 6 accounts that they were all now open but could not get one penny for another week.

No reasons, no worries, my auto debits kept coming and $35 accruing as I couldn’t even go online to transfer money. On oct 7, the same day the letter came opening our accounts, on Oct 17 I received 6 letters dated Oct. 7 stating that all of our accounts are closed.


Don’t care about 30 year good customers.

Horrible. They do nothing for us and if I complained I get dirty looks at the branch and on the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Unfair practices.

Preferred solution: I don’t know .

Bank Of America Cons: Bank of america.

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I'd rather bury my money in a shoebox in the backyard than bank at Bank of America, worst bank I have ever seen in my 65 years on this earth, they tell you one thing and do the opposite, no one has a clue as to what they are doing all you get is a run around, I have 2 words for BOA but not aloud to print them LOL

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