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I have been trying to get a loan mod with Bofa for over a year. According to their numbers, I qualify but they never seem to be able to 'fit' me into existing govt. programs. Some told me an in-house mod was the next step. Others at Bofa have told me that...
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And "Nikalseyn"--YOU'RE A BULLY, a true reflection of BofA and it's practices.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank of America-Too Incompetent to Mail Modification Paperwork!

I called Bank of America on 2/4/11, asking for a loan modification application to be sent to my home address. I was told I would receive it within 30 days. It is now 120 + days later, and I have yet to receive it. My Husband and I have called numerous times. What are the chances of getting a loan modification, when I can't even get them to send me the paperwork? Any suggestions? I have no idea who they are accountable too! I have read many similar complaints on the interent, but I am not sure where to turn.
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Loan mods do exist with Bank of america you just have to find your way around it. Make sure to write down the name and rep #of the person you speak to when you call the bank and reffer to that person every time you send something to the bank send it via delivery confirmation as well as faxed with a delivery confirmation number. So you can keep track of it


I help people obtain loan modifications and you can got to bank of america home loans website ans print off the mod package off their website.

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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank Of America in Evergreen, Colorado - What to do to get your Home Modification Loan

I have read so many complaints that could have been written by me in regards to trying to get a home modification loan from BOA. They told me the same thing... will receive a FedEx package with papers to fill out. Never got it. I called BOA's customer service every day, and talking to about everyone, but never one more than once. I found that the only thing that will get their attention is to FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. You will then get some attention. After the Attorney General sent a complaint to BOA on my behalf, I finally got a call back, plus an offer to modify our home loan. Problem was, our house had already been foreclosed. The lady from BOA said we should have contacted the Attorney General sooner. (crazy answer) It's all been a nightmare and you will most likely be ignored and won't get your loan. So if I get anything out of this, it is to help someone else from losing their house. File a complaint with your state Attorney General now! Do not wait. You can file online. Good luck!
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Bank Of America Loan Modification

Bank Of America in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Tired of fighting

My family was set up great we had no credit card debt and had bought a house and made higher payments to them then what was due. In 2007 my nephew was living with us and broke his ankle "he was under age, had no insurance and his parents would not sign papers so we could put him on ours" a couple months after that my 10 month old son was taken by flight for life. Then I had a surgery that led to many more hospital stays and a lot more sickness. All of a sudden we were in major credit card debt and completely broke. Gas at the time was $5 and $6 a gallon and the hospitals are all over 100 miles away. We fell behind when all the bills caught up with us come Aug of 09 I called Bank of America and they suggested a loan modification. So after all the paperwork and the hardship letter was sent I received a letter stating that it would be settled in 30 to 45 days. Come Dec my home was up for foreclosure and when I called them they put an extension on it and kept doing so. When I spoke to there customer service people "I called them every week and sometimes more then that. I was told to make payments to them and it would look better and help the modification go through so I sent in my first payment on Dec 1 2009, they sent my check back attached to a piece of paper stating that it is below the amount due so they would not accept my payment, I called them and the girl on the line says to me No don't make payments. Sooooo I stopped then in March of 2010 I receive final loan modification papers, sign them, and send them in, along with a certified check as stated in the letter. Today I received the check back with the letters stamped on it, so again I called and was told I don't know the girl said to me that they did not know where the money was supposed to go, and she left a message to RACHEAL THOMAS my processer who has never returned a call, e-mail from me my modification company that i hired to help me or to Mrs. Farmer from my senators office. I hate the fact that I paid to bail them out and when I need them they are no help and full of excuses I found out that my home is still in foreclosure and I may lose it because some bureaucrats are sitting on there thumbs. I am not a bad person; I have never had a late payment to them EVER until all this stuff happened. I am trying soooo hard to keep my home and am getting sick because of the stress. The biggest excuse they always tell me is that they have to many people trying to get a modification at this time, my solution HIGHER MORE PEOPLE
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Bank Of America Loan Modification

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