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Update by user Jul 24, 2020

On July 22nd I received a call back from the Regional Executive for my area. She called me to clarify what happened and to make sure it didn't happen again.

She informed me that BOA's "policy" is when you have a pre-existing condition they are not allowed to ask any questions.

She was very helpful and spent thirty minutes talking with me. She told me the information she was given would help her "train" the in the branches on how to handle a situation that comes up again.

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2020

As this point in time I am still more than upset with the way I was treated at the BOA Branch that I have been a customer going on for five years; I've had an BOA Account for 14 years.

After what happened I called and spoke with Brady/7DKY7 for 35 minutes. I do understand the mass hysteria that is going on with this virus.

Much of it hyped by the media. I live in a section of Florida that has an older population however where I bank there is an equal amount of all ages.

After speaking with a customer service representative Supervisor I was told that it is the SOLE discretion of ONE PERSON, the Bank Manager, who makes certain decisions. During this time, since March, BOA HAS NOT had a "required" wearing of face masks. Yesterday when I went I was greeted at the door by the Security Guard with a box of masks.

I politely told the Security Guard that I had a Medical Condition and that I don't wear one. He told me to wait and that he would have to get the Branch Manager. When the Branch Manager came outside I asked her why there was a "required" sign up since I had been there previously two weeks before. She would not tell me.

I had to ask three times. She still didn't answer me. I then told her I had a Medical Condition. She started to ask me why.

UNDER HIPPA LAW I DO NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHY, I AM PROTECTED. the Branch Manager then proceeded to tell me that for what I wanted to do I could use the drive up window. I told her no, I wanted to come inside. She then said something demeaning and "allowed" me to come inside.

I see this as a clear case of discrimination regarding the FACT that BOA takes their GUIDANCE from the CDC... which ONLY RECOMMENDS the wearing of face masks; since the CDC cannot mandate nor make LEGAL laws. BOA has now made themselves medical professionals and law enforcement, which is NOT their place to do and is illegal. Where is MY right in "feeling" safe?

There seems to be blatant cherry picking by ONE person, who, from what was explained to me, is given SUGGESTIONS, not MANDATES, in how to handle certain situations. It is ludicrous that ONE PERSON is just given that much "authority" when it ONLY benefits certain sections of the population. In other words, discrimination. Besides what was going on while I was waiting in line, another customer made a blatant demeaning remark to the Branch Manager, which I heard and knew that it was directed towards me because I was the only one not wearing a face mask.

The Branch Manager, repeated back to her, in a very sarcastic tone, to the effect of making everyone "feel" safe. If those who are wearing face masks know they are "protected" then why is it necessary for me, who has a medical condition, need to wear one?

It has now come out that the statistics and even the testing has been falsified and inflated in the State of Florida. When is BOA going to do their own research and stop depending on fabricated information?

No... BOA doesn't really care about their "customers" who have had accounts with them for whatever length of time.

It looks like BOA panders to the hype and hysteria that is going on. Suggestions should not be deemed sole discretion of ONE person and should come from Corp. As I see it... BOA is a bit lazy when serving the community.

I live in a County that doesn't "require" wearing of face masks in public... This is not a one size fits all situation. I don't need anything "special".

I want to be left alone to do my banking business without the intimidation of others who "feel" they will succumb to a virus that has not reached epidemic levels and has shown to be not what was told to the public. In fact, the states with the highest rates are those who have been locked-down and wear masks.

Thank you,

Jan Johnson/Florida

User's recommendation: I would not recommend.

Preferred solution: "Special banking hours for those without a mask.".

Bank Of America Cons: If my complaint was relevant i might get a call back, Being dismissed, Being told im sorry over and over.

Location: 700 8Th Ave W, Palmetto, FL 34221

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