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if you the *** that can not maintain your checking account and is constantly overdrawing it, PLEASE do us a favor and close your accounts and take your business else where. You will quickly learn to find that the same practices and policies that BofA engage in, other banks do as well, weather it be processing of items or sticking by its policies of cut off times and deposit holds.

I am tired of hearing the same old story every day about why your account is overdrawn (especially on Wednesdays). We at customer service DO NOT want to hear your life story, suck up the fact that you screwed up, mismangaed your finances and are now being assessed fees. If the fees were applied and it was due to BANK ERROR, we will acknowledge that and fix our mistake - even if you do have to call us about it. But if you make purchases with your check card over the weekend, you should know that those items DO NOT POST to your account UNTIL they go through processing the next business day (Mon-Fri). So when your account goes through processing Monday night and you have a outstanding check come in causing your account to become overdrawn, DO NOT CALL US to see if we will give you back the overdraft fees, because they are not result of any BANK ERROR, you screwed up, not us.

As far as processing of items, Bank of America like any other bank in the country, POST all credits (as long as we have it before the cutoff time for your state) before any debits AND we process items largest amount to smallest amount PER federal law (except in the state of Nevada, because of the state law and gambling combined together).

We associates at Bank of America try do our best for whats right for you as a customer and provide you with resources to help you better manage your finances (automated system and online banking), but it is ultimately the responsibility of YOU (the customer) to make sure that your transactions are recorded in your check register. Once you have that information, you should know where your balance stands.

I get paid to provide you with information regarding your account and to educate you on how your account works and other products and services, but the moment you call me, start dropping "F" bombs towards me, pretty much calling me incompetent and trying to tell me how to do MY job, customer service for you goes out the window and i'm not gonna sugar coat *** for you.

The moral of the story for today kids is:

*be an adult and take responsibility for your *** up on your account.

*do not call customer service with an attitude like we owe you anything.

*when you do call customer service, be NICE and receptive of what we have to tell you and as a result, you won't receive "bad" customer service back at you.

FYI to those verbally abusive customers, we do reserve the right to close your account and send you a check in the mail of your remaining balance for your abusive language. Keep it up and we will report you to Chex Systems as well to prevent you from opening an account any place else.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your day.

Any questions, comments or concerns email at

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Notice how you didn't sign your name. 7 people in my family have all the issues complained about.

But you are all talk to your customers who keep your *** employed

I hope and can't wait for legal remedies that close your bank down. And another thing, sounded like threats to what you do if people confronted you on fraud


I once was charged the 35.00 fee for .23cents overdrawn, I called and told them I couldn`t see how they could charge such a astronomical fee for less than a quarter overdrawn, they gave me some bull****line but eventually got it back, but was told next time they have no choice but to charge the fee. That to me is outrageous fee for less than a quarter!!!

But this is how banks make their money, they hope we overdraw!!!! :(


Go to your SENATORS!


Ok to the person who posted this thread, and yes I do work for Bank of America!!

Did you ever once try to understand why people are upset? Did you read their posts and try to understand their situation? Did you ever look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you didn't just answer them without coming home from work venting taking it out on customers? Btw I get paid to report bad Bank of America employees, though you better watch yourself next time.

You better try to save your position cause when they start down-sizing, you might be the one to be sent home, and threatening Bank of America customers, regardless of the fact is an offense to our Code of Conduct, you should know the drill, or maybe you need to watch the CSR Video we train employees to watch to better handle customers. :).

Even though some of the stuff said is right (from what this person said), always check your general ledgers and your account ledgers online. Sorry for any inconvenience we caused you, we always look forward to making the customer happy. If you see or notice anyone that claims, or belittles the customer of Bank of America, please call 1800-432-1000 or email We look forward to stopping any employer who makes us look bad, the faster you send in your information regarding report claims of CSR abuse the better to assist you.


I have a small business and bank with BOA. I have a line of credit for my business, always pay my bills on time and more than the min.

payment. BOA has increased the interest rate from 10% to almost 25% which has more than doubled my payment. I'm struggling to keep my head above water in these hard economic times but every time I turn around some big business is trying to drown me. Where is all the help for the middle class of today?

What's wrong with this picture people?

We bail out the banks with our tax dollars and then they take full advantage of us! As soon as I can, I'll be saying bye bye to BOA!


I like how you tell customers to take responsibility for their own errors which includes paying fines and fees, yet banks don't feel the need to take responsibility for their own errors, you can find loads of stores about how a bank put money into the wrong account and then months later when they realize there error instead of taking responsibility for it and being out the money they go and just yank it out of the account. I'm sorry but that's your *** up, and it's hard enough to get you guys to admit it so the money can sit in there for months some times. If we as customers don't pay attention and mess up we pay for it, so banks should have to pay for it also when they don't pay attention and mess up.


when it is MY error I ADMIT its MY ERROR!! however I have on a COUPLE Of occasions been charged fees that NO ONE on YOUR END can EXPLAIN and bc its been 2 months they can't do anything about it????

your commercials are MISLEADING if they show the "check your account anywhere, even in the mountains" as I DID that I checked my account PRIOR to making a purchase and SAW that the ONLY two prior transactions I had (and YES those TWO transactions are the ONLY ones I had for the FOUR days BEFORE and the FIVE DAYS AFTER this one!!!! )open HAD posted and it showed I had a balance of $49 I spent $47 and yet I was charged an OVERDRAFT FEE?? when I called to complain I was told I shouldn't check my balance ???? WTF WHY OFFER OR ADVERTISE that if you shouldn't USE IT????

hmmm maybe you (you as in Bank of America) have HEARD that complaint often (as I haven't seem to have been seeing that commercial lately ? wonder if there is a class action that could be had on that ??? ) Trust me I AM VERY ON TOP OF MY ACCOUNT I canot AFFORD to get any type of "extra" fee or charges I check my account SEVERAL times a day. I have called to report LEGITMATE claims against other company's (oh and again ANOTHER COMMERCIAL that seems to be MIA.....we will refund your money while its investigated???) BULL!!!

on those claims I was told they could NOT refund my money (and please they were ONLY $12 claims well one was $75 and one was $25, ALL were REFUNDED to me by the MERCHANT as they were FRAUDULENTLY MADE!!!

I was trying to avoid having NSF fees b/c due to these PROVEN FRAUDULENT charges my account was below the balance I like to KEEP it at. but NO ONE wanted to help you have the WORSE customer SERVICE I have EVER experienced and I have WORKED customer service for over 10 yrs!!)


Yes, it is our job to help you out as much as i can and educate you about your accounts... but it is NOT our job to take abuse.

You know, once i had a client threaten to "slit my throat" if i didnt return overdraft fees... what should i have done in your opinion.... oh... i am sooo sorry about the overdraft fees sir....

here you go...

full refund!!!? :?


wow, its nice to see that there is no hope for humanity....

Trucker guys -

I do my best every single call to provide quality customer service to my customers, but when you have someone that is unrealistic, unreasonable, it becomes frustrating to do your job and not become upset. I can only speak for myself, and i speak from YEARS of experience.

Working Mother -

i understand your gripe and frustrations, living pay check to pay check. I have student loans that i am into my 5 year of paying, i have no roommate nor do i live with mom. its understandable that you're upset for being overdrawn by 1.79 and that you probably received a $35 fee, but when you spend money that is not there in your account, those are the consequences that must be faced. One thing people fail to realize is that in the banking industry, its a computer system that recognizes overdrawn accounts and applies over draft fees. Not some monkey pressing the overdraft button at the first sight of seeing a negative balance.

To everyone -

just be kind to the next customer service rep you speak with, situations usually work in your favor when you're polite and understanding. Put yourself in the shoes of a CSR. Imagine yourself when you're pissed off and you're yelling at someone, cursing them. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of something like that 80 - 100 times a day.


Customer SERVICE! That is your job title.

SERVICE means being proffessional even when the customer is not.


or Mrs. Customer service took the job, deal with it!


Well...I guess some people have never had to choose between paying bills and feeding their kids so if it means I have to go to publix and spend money that I don't have to feed my kids...then I guess I do...It's very easy for people to be judgemental when they've never been in a situation. And no I don't spend all my money on toys, entertainment.

I pay my bills and put gas in my car...and make too much to get any type of assistance so don't think I am some low life sitting on couch collecting welfare.

I put myself through school to take care of my family and here I am as an RN living paycheck to paycheck with someone that makes half of what I do, probably living with mom or a roommate saying that I screwed up. And I wouldn't have so much trouble living until the next paycheck if I wasn't charged $35.00 for being $1.79 overdrawn.


bank of americ is some *** they work the *** out of you or some years then they fire you like its nothing. i wish everybody just take their money out of BOA they are ripping yall off and i used to work there as of yeaterday august 13,2008 :( :(


Alien -

you can keep your money within BofA or take it elsewhere, it doesn't really matter what you do with it. You can stuff it in your mattress for all i care. Like i said in my post, bad attitude is given when bad attitude is received. Work for telephone customer service in this current economy where jobs are far and few, and you'll feel the same way i do within 6 months, and i've been in this job for 3 years. This is my way to vent my frustrations and disappointment towards humanity. You just learn that there is no hope for some people.

Jlaro -

As for you my i was not part of the 300 that was cannned. My job is perfectly in tact. But thanks for your hopeless concern.


Bank of America... What a joke. I hope the *** above who was attacking customers is in the 300 plus who got canned...


Even though his posting does seem very ..... diplomatic...

It is very difficult being in customer service at a bank. many times we are verbally abused over things that are in fact the clients error. Most of the time those clients refuse to admit any error and feel like the bank is targeting them somehow or expect the ... 2 or 3 agents in the branch to babysit their account...

like they are our ONLY customer or we have time to do so. I cant tell you how many times people yell at me for "not stopping them" from spending funds they do not have. I have had some clients come in every week with $200 in overdraft fees EVERY MONTH that they want waved. We give out booklets letting clients know how our system works...

i personally explain how the system works... but still... i get countless people coming in to yell... and using me as thier personal punhing bag.

1st time offenders i generally will refund and set them up with overdraft protection if possible (though this hard to do because generally people who overdrawal alot are very irrisponcible at other institutions as well have ruined their credit and have no money to put into savings). When I 1st started my position i REALLYYYY felt horrible for every client who came in with overdrafts. But, after being in this position over 4 years... i can tell you....

99 % of the time... it is the clients fault not the banks. For some reason people think that banks are a charity or that their 2 cents in the bank entitles them to all the services the bank provides at no cost. this is neither fair nor practical.

soooooo i see where you are comming from alien... but keep in mind what we have to put up with on a daily basis for piddles... this is a tempting place to be blunt with clients due to anonimity (just as it is a tempting place for clients to let out thier anger/ vent). I've even seen SOME clients use names of reps on here (which I dont think is very good/ nice as its out on the internet for all to see even though he/she may have been perfectly in the right...

really that should be taken up with managers... or written letters to corporate) What he said is for the most part true. Yes... it can be said more tactfully...

BUT... we have to walk on eggshells all day at work as it is.


I'm considering pulling my money out of Bank of America and this post attacking customers from an hourly paid employee doesn't give me inspiration to keep it in there. Too much attitude for too little pay. However, it is nice to see that the bad attitudes from Bank of America isn't just at the local level.