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Bank of America seems to be delaying a decision on our modification. Over the 3 month trial basis I have repeatly had to send and resend information that they did not have although I had already sent it to them.

I checked up with them constantly to see where the loan was and was always shocked to find things missing. Finally it was sent for processing and shortly there after we were denied for missing information! I called immediately and was told it was reopened! I am disabled and raising my 3 grandchildren, I have lived in this home for almost 25 years now and can afford to pay this if the mortgage rate of interest would be dropped to a fair rate.

I am sick over this and feel BAC is not committed to working with their customers.

There are too many paper pushers involved and not enough people involved to make the right decisions. I certainly hope this has a positive end for me.

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Hi guys/gals. I know it may seem as if BAC is delaying the resolution of your modification, I can understand that sentiment.

Now, prior to April 12, 2010 BAC was setting people up on the trial payments for the modification PRIOR to verifying the income, then the information was sent in from the home owner and the process officially starts at that time. However, processing backwards in this manner caused long delays. More often than not, the reason you guys are being asked for the documentation again is for a few reasons. Sharing may be of concern between departments.

However, typically such as with pay stubs, you have more recent stubs with which to base the mod on and those are the stubs that underwriting must have. Now, after April 12, 2010 the government made some changes to the program and now homeowners aren't even set up on the trial payments until the docs are received and the docs aren't received until a FEDEX package is sent out to the homeowner. Honestly, the process just to get you officially out of review with an answer yes or takes a minimum 30-60 days...very possible like 90 days. However, hang in there guys, please.

BAC really doesn't want your house back. ****IMPORTANT NOTE*****If on any sort of trial payments DO NOT BE EVEN 1 DAY LATE WITH YOUR PAYMENT NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS!


I don't understand why the process takes so long to get you guys an answer...hope what little info I had helped. Just keep making whatever payments they tell you and if the "trial" is over, please please call because you're payment could very well return to what it was prior or something else.


our 3 month trial period for a modification has lated for that 2 years. they are jerking us around.

we started the process 2 years ago for a modification, after waiting with no results july of 2009 we contacted a mortgage attorney, and suddenly with in 2 weeks they had a modification deal for us witha trial period of 3 months-thats been 12 months ago. then after wroking our butts off making payments for 12 months we were denied the modification. they say we didnt qualify for this type of modification and they are seeing if we qualify for a different type of deal.

our lives our in their hand and there is not a GD thing we can do about it. we make payments and we are going to loose our home anyway becasue of them


they r doing this to everyone that wants to modify. Yet they are telling the news and others that they are helping people when in reality your just playing russian rullet let see which paper pusher feels like being nice to let you keep your home or lets see who lap it falls on or if they even feel like working that day.

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