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Applied for first MHAP in June 2009 to be able to make our mortgage payment on time which we couldn't due due to a fraud committed against us by a family member. We were never more than 16 days late.

We were approved for a 6 month foebearance program with a 50 percent payment reduction by BOA. We made all 6 payments on time sent by certified mail with proof of receipt. After the 6 months were up i had not received any response from BOA so i contacted them and asked what i should do, i was told i was still under review and to continue sending in the reduced payment. I did this for an additional 4 months asking at least twice a month what to do with the same answer.

After the 10 reduced payment i called and asked to talk to a supervisor or someone higher in management who could tell me what was going on. i talked to Tea Barrett for over an hour and she finally told me that BOA had somehow let my review fall thru the cracks and would resubmit me under the new OBAMA MHAP. I would have to start making my original mortgage payment while i was under review so that i wouldn't fall into foreclosure.

Well guess what, for some reason that BOA can't explain i was put into foreclosure which under the rules of the program wasn't allowed to happen. Then 4 days later i get a letter from a law firm in Arkansa that a sale date was assigned.

I immediately called BOA and was transferred to the foreclosure dept. and talked to them for an hour finding out that it shouldn't have happened and they would put a hold on the sale date till my review was finalized. i asked for it in writing but haven't received it yet.I have continually told BOA how could i be in foreclosure when i have complied with everything they have told me to do. They can't or won't tell me why. All they say is I will hear within a week about my modification and everything should be fine.

This has to be a scam at the highest magnitude by a huge financial company that we taxpayers have bailed out and have yet to be paid back while they haul in billions.

Where is our government, why aren't we being protected, where is the change we were promised.

I would have been so much better off if i had just left my mortgage alone and paid the late charge every month instead of doing what i was told was the right thing by BOA and our so called government.

I hope my attorney can get me out of this mess.

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