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I feel I have been discriminated against by Bank Of America...on 4/23/08 I walked into the branch in Chino around 4:11 pm for a merchant's deposit. I was asked to wait for the teller, so I did.

I wasn't feeling good at all, but I continued to wait. The supervisor noticed many times how bad I was feeling..then another guest walked in, immediately, the supervisor, Perla, took her in and she had the same deposit as I did. The other lady who asked me to wait for the teller, told Pera that I was next in the line and I should be helped first. Still Perla tried to take in the other guest, but the other lady insisted I go and she apologized and sent me in.

When I commented to Perla that it wasn't right that if it is her friend or relative that doesn't give the guest the priority over me because I was there first and have been waiting also...she nodded her head and said that she doesn't know her, and left...what does that mean then, that she being a supervisor is discriminating against me??

What kind of role model is she for the rest of the employees? I was very hurt by that.

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Thank you guys...

@ Customer Service Guy: Get a life dude! If you are not interested, you don't need to be here and read it in the first place, peace!


next time i get an affirmative action employ from a bank will hang up! I could never understand her on the phone, would ask her how my lone was going and all i heard was it was with the under writer , then she would ask me for a P&L statement on a lot that i just paid taxes on for the past 20 years or a copy of some random check, etc. it has been 5 months now with 3 extensions one was for her to go on vacation with out tell me , on a home which the same bank owns , credit score around 800 and income $17,000 per month house payment $1100 per month, i think this is discrimination is this how BoA tell its affirmative action employs to treat the whit man and before this experience I was color blind and my kid will be done with law school next year lol


Evert customer deserves equal treatment - it's any banks policy. Report your issue to the Office of the President for Bank of America. This bank has a policy for doing the right thing.

Customer Service Guy: you are by far out of line.


Customer service Guy, ILMAO


some banks ask managers and customer service reps to service clients with LARGE relationships with the bank themselves instead of having them wait in the teller line... this may have been the case in this instance


sounds like you have a low self esteem. Not discrimination in my book.

So what if the manager took the other person over you. Get over it. Sounds like a problem you've had all your life.

If it bothers you that much just go kill yourself. No one needs to hear your pathetic pity party.