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Bill Pay used to have an E Bill section which listed all the bills to be paid be E Bill. Now they only show one credit card (theirs). My other credit card is paid by E Bill too, so why is that no longer showing on my account? It matters today because I want to increase...
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Most banks label this function "bill pay" or similar. You have to go in and add the bill you want to pay and then each month it will show up. You should contact your bank and ask what is going on and how to pay the bills you want.

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Poor customer service

Bank Of America in Washington, District Of Columbia - Credit card annual fee

I can not believe that after being a loyal customer for 8+ years I called in to have $39.00 annual fee waived & could not have it waived, every year I have paid their annual fee but this year I requested to be waived/refunded & could not believe their *** answer they gave me,time for me to move to another credit card company...Im going to even close off my checking & savings account with bank of america & definitely will not recommend them to my friends or family, no to mention the customer service agent Jeffery that assisted me had no interest in helping out neither was his supervisor Silvia.will not recommend
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annual fee
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Let the company propose a solution

Bank of America charging $500 fee for unused LOC

We refinanced early 2009 and as a part of it, got a line of credit. Though the refinance place swore they rarely sold a mortgage, they did and BoA bought it. We never used our line of Credit but paid $75/year to keep it open. Our house was one the market two years and finally sold. At closing BoA wants $500 to close the LoC claiming we had to hold it for 3 yrs, but there was no penalty for early payoff. If there is money that should go to the seller after a sale ( I know - rare huh?) BoA works very hard to claim it. This is just wrong so I am complaining loudly and in every forum I can think of. Do not associate with them if you can help it. They are looking to separate you from your money.
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Lost home to modification scam by Bank of America

Told us we could not be foreclosed on while in Modification, denied modification without notice, foreclosed with out notice, and auctioned of home with out notice. We were in constant contact with the bank, and told to wait underwriters were working on it. I was told not to look for modification elsewhere because the Bank would find out, and foreclose. I said I wanted to get a lawyer, and the bank officer told me, I would just be wasting money, and I should just wait. They however denied the modification without notice, and sold my house at auction without notice.
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Bank of America charges to replace ATM card

My ATM card has seen better days. It doesn't work in all card readers. Before it fails completely, I decided to get the card replaced and I called B of A. I was not thrilled to be required to enter my social security number AND ATM card number before speaking to a human. I was even less thrilled when the human informed me that I will be charged $5 for a replacement card. Really? Guilt gripped my gut. Wait a *** second! I wasn't negligent; I didn't lose the card. I wasn't careless; The card is not folded, spindled or mutilated. It didn't go through the laundry, dry cleaners or industrial magnets. I have a couple of personal accounts and a couple of business accounts that are all linked on the one ATM card. I've been a B of A customer for 35+ years, as well. Who the *** cares about that? Certainly not B of A. Additionally, the B of A human said the card is designed to last 5 years but was not clear about whether or not I'd be charged the replacement fee if I hold out until year 5. I'm afraid they'll charge me even more for waiting so long! I am so tired of being choked, scammed and screwed. When will it end?
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It's the government's fault?? How about bloated, greedy BofA.

They could give a **** about you. There's no hope for BofA, but unfortunately smaller banks haven't figured this out yet. They're still falling for the right wing line that it's the consumer's or the government's fault and that the big banks are their leaders.

Wake up, small banks!!! Treat your customers like individuals, then you'll find the light (and beat the big banks to the profits)!!!


You can thank your govt. for this.

They went thru last year and required banks to either remove or reduce a ton of fees associated with debit cards, atm cards, and a whole host of others.

Now, they are trying to make up the losses and instead of the fools who write bad checks paying for their own mistakes, for example, new fees across the board are springing up so the responsible customers have to pay for the deadbeats. How's that "hope and change" working out for you now??

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I feel obligated to share my horrible experience with Bank of America while I was in the process of refinancing my primary home. I have had my mortgage loan with Bank of America for over five years and decided that I would benefit from refinancing, given the low...
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Is there somewhere to go to complain about these banking practices? Does anyone over see bank refinances?

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This is identical to what happened to me. Can we class action sue their ***? Enough is enough!

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Bank of America keeps stalling my loan modification I applied for 3 mo's ago. When I follow up, they say the loan modification is "under review" with no time estimate though originally I was told I would receive a modification within 45 days...Now they sent a new...
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If your loan with BofA is a HELOC and your first mortgage is upside down they cannot nor will not foreclose. In fact they eventually write off the loan and keep it because usually the balance is too high for outside collections.

Also you can file for chapter 13 BK protection which converts the HELOC into a unsecured debt and is paid on for 3 to 5 years for literally penny's on the dollar. After that time the loan is zeroed out.

Contact a good BK lawyer or leave your email here as a reply. I have an inside contact at the bank who has offered to blow the whistle.

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Bank of america mortgage company not customer friendly

Stay away from Bank of America mortgage company, if by chance you have a complaint you can't go beyond the first line supervisor. I told the first line supervisor I would shop for another mortgage company she said that's fine. All this is over the hoops you have to jump through to get insurance repairs for your home (roof repairs for hail storm etc.)Bank of America requires you to send them the insurance check and they dispurse the money how they see fit. Trying to contact the claims department I was hung up on or disconnected at least 3 times so imagine how hard it will be to collect any money for repairs.
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Contact Bank Of America Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Bank of America Corporation
PO Box 25118
Tampa, Florida 33633-0900
United States
(315) 724-4022
All Bank Of America Contacts

Bank of America Making Homes Affordable-what a scam

My husband lost his income last year and we called Bank of America to discuss what our options might be to save our home. After several phone calls, and every person telling us something different ie. "don't make a payment yet", so you show hardship etc. and then "why didn't you make a payment"...all of a sudden a fed ex packet shows up in the mail. The fed ex has a temporary agreement in it for six months of lower payments until they can get us qualified for a modification. We signed the agreement, sent in our payments, every month and on time. During the six months I would call in at least twice a month to check on the status of our modification, as well as to ask them if they needed any documentation from me. I never got a response besides "we show that it is in the process of modification". I call again, now in a panic because the six months is up, and no one has contacted me. I ask every time if they are going to make me pay the difference back or foreclose on my home at the last minute...and they say "no, we are just really backed up at this time and your modification is still in the works". Well guess what 7 months go by, and I call again to ask what I am supposed to do and what I am supposed to pay, they say pay what you have been paying on your agreement....I call Monday to ask why they havent cashed my payments for the last two months and the agent says, it looks as though they lost your paperwork, let me re input your numbers, ten minutes later, she says I am denied and that I will have to take a second loan out for the difference of what I havent been paying. Today I get a notice to foreclose in 16 days. This is a joke and a disservice to the people who are truly in need of help. I will be contacting our Senator to discuss.Now my family of 4 will be homeless in 16 days because they dont know what they are doing, and they lost my paperwork.
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all bank modifications are scams, including the government ones :(


Same story, different names. B of A is a scam artist.


We too are going through this so called modified loan. We have made all of our modified payments on time.

We call at least twice a month to get an update. Each time we call we get a different person with different information.

Just called again and guess what she tells us it's still pending. They have no other information to tell us.


I'm playing the game. I refuse to go into default.

I will keep my mortgage current and join all class action suits against BOFA. This is a criminal. I've been trying to get a Mod since May. BOFA is stalling.

I'm so overdue for a answer. I will continue to call daily pleading for a update.

They are taking billions in bailout $ and *** the people the people meant to be helped. Obama failed.


I also did the loan mod with BOA. it is the biggest rip off.

I made the trial payments for 9 mo. It was approved and my payments were $150 more than the trial. The mod payments were only $200 less then my original payments. It will ruin your credit.

I was never late on my payments or my trial payments. They show my credit as 8 times over 90 days. I have argued and argued with BOA about this with no results. I was told I made a payment in June and it was not posted till September.

I wish I had never dealt with the mod. I have told them that over and over but once you make the trial payments if you dont sign the final mod you have to come up with the difference.

Now if I had that kind of money I would have never asked for the mod to start with. Wish I knew some way to stop this




Yes I am going through this scam now. I made my final trial payment due April 1, 2010 last week, and now they are sending default letters and asking me to pay more than was agreed upon.

They are now telling me to wait another 6 months for a decision. What are they going to see in 6 months that they can't see today. Oh, I know. "Your debt ratio is too high for a modification." I could have walked away last year when I lost my job, but believing the modification scam was legitimate I sunk another 10K into my home leveraging my then perfect credit.

My house is worth half of what I paid as the neighborhood is littered with foreclosures. Had they modified my loan as promised I would be able to keep my home and pay off all of my creditors.

I am now considering talking to an attorney before I make my next payment. Bank of America is well aware of their unethical behavior and they are dragging this process out to bleed the home owner and tax payer until it makes sense to short sale the property or foreclose.


Try doing a short sale with this mixed up mess of a company. The new "equator" system that was to resolve the problems is the worst piece of s....

to hit the planet. They are confused on how to use the system and don't call for documents that cannot be uploaded without a request, and then say they haven't received them!

Please Uncle Sam, put this company out of it's misery.


This is so scary. I am going through the exact same thing with Bank of America!

I have been paying the modified payment, due to a layoff in October.

I continue to call, and BOA tells me the same thing..Keep making the modified payment until they "catch up" on their loan modifications. At this point my credit report shows a 30-60 day delinquency even though I've made all of my modified payments on time!!

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