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Bank of America stole $680 out of my regular checking account in the month of September and so far in the month of October they have withdrawn over $350 with four more pending transactions, all starting with a negative .16 cents. THE BANK TELLER EVEN CONFIRMED TO ME THAT THEY CHANGE THE DATE OF PENDING TRANSACTIONS TO PURPOSEFULLY OVERDRAW BANK ACCOUNTS. How can they get away with stealing over $1000 in two months. Isn't it illegal for them to change the dates of pending transactions to MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT OVERDRAWN. How can they charge $35.00 for .16 cents. We need to Fight Back. They wonder why people threaten them with their lives or commit suicide because of their actions.
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Bank Of America Checking Account

Bank Of America in Washington, District Of Columbia - BOA: rippers, suckers and al. !!!

I have had the account for six months only and already I have had so many problems with my account. 1. I was supposed to receive $30 for opening up my account and I am still waiting. I called about that money not being posted to my account and was told that the rep who opened the account has not sent the request. I spoke to the man who said we had done so, but still I have not received a dime. 2. the save the change rip off. Once, a Saturday, I had $4 in my account and made a purchase for $1.20 in a store and 20 minutes later $2.40 in another store. Once home I checked my account online and I had $.40 left in my checking. Well, the following Tuesday, I checked my online account and I have been charged NSF!!! They changed transactions time on my account. After they posted my first purchase of $1.20, they put $.80 in my savings as part of the keep the change program (program supposed to help the consumer save money, not be used to rip them off) and of course I no longer had enough funds in my account to cover my second purchase of $2.40. So, I was charged $35 NSF for going over my balance by $.40. I was furious and called them. I was told that the bank had made no mistakes and as a result i could not be refunded the NSF! 2. I have a debit/visa card and used it one Sunday for 2 purchases. I had $2.00 in my account but I was expecting a Western Union the next day that I was going to put into my account. So with that in mind, i bought food for the house using the 'credit' option of the card (not debit). the next Monday I deposited $300 in the account at 9am. Well, by Tuesday, I had been charged $70 in NSF for the credit purchases of Sunday. I thought the credit part of the card meant you are allowed a short-term credit??? That same week, My hubby tried to add me to his account but I was not allowed to because BOA had posted on my record that I had unpaid NSF. I told my husband's bank i had no unpaid NSF and they would only believe a letter from BOA stating just that; which they were willing to write??? WTF? they now post NSF in your credit report? I am so pissssed! 3. I received a $10,000 check that I deposited a Friday. By Tuesday the next week, the funds were available in my account. I managed to pay off most of my debt from Tuesday to Friday. All the transactions were kept pending all week long. Two transactions were not even posted nor paid (I was charged NSF by the two other credit cards). And Sunday, I took friends to the restaurant, but couldn't pay with my credit card because they had blocked it. I went to the ATM to withdraw money and my card had been blocked How dare BOA decide how I spend my money? How dare them block my card without even alerting me, especially on a week end? What if I had an emergency? That was the last straw! I am looking for another bank and I am out of there!
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Bank Of America Checking Account

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